Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 getting ICS update in Germany

July 3, 2012

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Last month we reported that Samsung was prepared to start pushing updates to almost all of their tablets in the Galaxy Tab family to Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. While the US is still waiting it looks like one of the first up is Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 over in Germany and Austria.

Samsung stated that they'd start pushing the software updates out to multiple tablets in the month of July, and now just a few days deep we are seeing the first one. This is good news and hopefully will continue on to other parts of Europe, and the world. Multiple users are reporting the update to Android 4.0.4 ICS has arrived for their 7.7's and they are already enjoying it.

Sadly the update probably won't be coming that quick for the Verizon model as they are usually last on the list, but you never know. Reports are confirming the update is arriving over the air (OTA) as well as being available on Samsung Kies. If you have a Samsung tablet it would be a pretty good idea to start checking Kies every few days this month, and we'll be sure to update as we hear more details.

If you've received the update we'd love to hear your thoughts on performance in the comments below.

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  • chaitanya

    woooohooooooooooo this is amazing ICS on 7.7 is amazing itz fast smooth and reaction time is just sensational…well yeah itz not available thru KIES yet in INDIA but who da hell wantz 2 wait if u can flash thru ODIN just chck they have released da ODIN version dere d/l it itz 579mb of size and flash it…man thats freaking awesome trust me now dis little beauty started showing itz true color of 1.4GHZ EXYNOS processor and have benchmarked it aftr flashing ICS OMG itz unbelievable itz just whisker away knocking down ASUS TRANSFORMER holy cow datz some freaking result well done SAMMY hope u release JELLY BEAN UPDATE for dis but for now ICS has completely changed itz performance drastically now wid honeycomb u may say well 8/10 but wid ICS i wud put up 9.9/10

    • celine salim

      Is it that hard for you to type normally?

    • karan

      but flashing by ODIN will void the warranty ??

    • lstrike

      I don’t see an image out for the gt6810 yet…where did you get your ics image from?