Samsung GALAXY S 4 ‘Google Edition’ will be a U.S. exclusive

May 21, 2013

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When Google took the stage last week at their annual Google I/O developer event, many were extremely excited to see they'll be offering a stock Nexus-like Samsung GALAXY S 4 in the Play Store. We're sure many of you Android faithful around the world were quite excited to hear the news as well, but sadly it looks like the device might end up being a U.S. exclusive. At least for the first few months.

The device will hit the Google Play Store next month starting at $650, which certainly isn't cheap, and today we've learned from CNET that it will be a US exclusive. They state that it will be in the states only, at least for now, but we don't have any additional details to confirm Google and Samsung will offer the handset elsewhere.

With previous Nexus phones, they've rolled out to the majority of the world eventually, and everyone had their chance at a Nexus. With the Google Edition GS 4 that won't be the case. Hopefully users worldwide will be able to get one from eBay, or import the handset otherwise it will just be a dream that came true they couldn't touch.


We managed to catch up with Google's own Hugo Barra for a first hand eyes-on look at the G edition Galaxy S 4, but he didn't have much he could say about the device. We know it was a last minute project that came together, and that's why it still won't be available for another month. Could Samsung and Google work together and offer it outside the US? Sure. You'll likely be waiting at least a few more months though.

HTC denied the idea of doing the same with a HTC One Google Edition, but anything is possible at this point. This is essentially a developer phone, since it isn't priced as friendly as a Nexus, and we'll have to wait and see how things play out. Do you guys like this approach, or does the price put it out of reach for most?

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  • Mike Stenger

    Personally, I think it would be great if manufacturers shipped devices with an option on start-up to either go with stock Android or Touchwiz/Sense/etc., and easily switch between one or the other.

    • kcoolworld

      It would be nice too if it wasn’t such a pain to root. And they keep trying to make it harder to root.

  • Leslie Johnson

    In my opinion what did Google buy Motorola for?

    • kcoolworld

      For the patents.

  • jbernardo

    I would be happy if the firmware could be flashed in a “regular” snapdragon S4 (i9505).