Samsung GALAXY S 4 doubles iPhone 5’s benchmark scores

March 18, 2013

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There's no doubt that the Samsung GALAXY S 4 is the most highly anticipated phones of the year, but how does it compare to the other phones on the market? Primate Labs decided to answer that question by performing a series of benchmarks. They benchmarked the Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, LG Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S III (international and United States versions), Blackberry Z10, and of course the iPhone 5.

Primate Labs used the Geekbench 2 app to do the benchmarking. The results stated the obvious that the Samsung GALAXY S 4 would be the best out of the competition. It scored a 3163 on its benchmarks. Coming in second place is HTC's flagship phone, the HTC One with a score of 2687. LG's Nexus 4 follows in 3rd place with a still impressive 2040 score. 4th place belongs to the international version of the S III, with a score of 1717. What's surprising is the iPhone 5 actually came in at 5th place (pretty ironic), with a score of 1596, nearly half the score of the S 4. The Blackberry Z10 comes in at 1480, and the U.S. version of the S III comes in last with 1410.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 doubles iPhone 5's benchmark scores 1

This benchmark was done with the United States version of the Samsung GALAXY S 4 and its 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor. It'll be very interesting to see how much more the international version of the S4 and its Exynos 5 Octa processor will dominate the competition. To be fair, the iPhone 5 is about half a year old, but it's still surprising to see the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III beat it.

Smartphones have come a very long way. It's only been a year, but the Samsung GALAXY S 4's score is more than twice that of the U.S. Samsung Galaxy S III. It also shows how much technology has advanced since the first Geekbench score of 130 on the original iPhone. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is expected to roll out to several markets by the end of April. It features great specs like a 5-inch Full HD display, and a 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor. While the specs are amazing, most of its strengths lie in its improved software.

[via Primate Labs]

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  • The international S4 with Exynos octa core processor might actually be slower as the four A15 cores are only clocked at 1.2GHZ

    • rodrigo damasceno


  • fuckme


    • Magnus100

      Bad facts and worse English

      • Christopher Columbus

        Hahah after seeing the retarded all caps comment with the name “fuckme” I was already laughing. But your response just made it better and made me laugh pretty hard. Thanks

  • Jorge

    What about Sony Xperia Z?

  • Geo

    It is pretty impressive how Moore’s law in smartphone industry doesnt work.
    If you’ll compare, iPhone has the most efficient cores. And Samsung has twice as big battery as iPhone. All those phones are getting bigger, iPhone will most likely stay the same this year. How fo you fit same specs that 15 inch laptop has in a 13 inch laptop? If Apple will boost performance even with 30%, it will still be in top 5, and that is impressive when considering the size.
    And really, it is also software plays a big role how good is performance. App written in java isnt as fast as app written in Obj-C.

    • anon

      How doesn’t it work? The only difference is processors double every year now instead of 2. What’s not impressive is that you said Apple boost performance by only 30% each new iShit, while the rest of the manufacturers really do have “impressive boosts” doubling in only a year. Moore’s law does work, Apple is the only one that don’t seem to be able to keep up.

    • anjew

      i love the fact that apple is able to pack in such a powerful suite in a smaller form factor compared to its competitors. even if samsung s4 is as thin as the iphone, the total area inside the s4 is much larger than the iphone 5 because of the size of its screen…

  • Guest

    I still find it impressive that the Iphone beats some of the newer dual core phones (Z10, S3) considering its age, and is only 7% slower than the S3 Quad core.
    This is the usual leapfrog game we play on performance stats. Its the like the GFX spec wars of the 90’s.

    • dha

      Fyi the s3 came out before the iphone 5 so the s3 wouldn’t be “newer”

      • anjew

        still the iphone 5 comes with half the ram and cpu cores and and still holds it own against the ‘newer’ S3…

  • Hrays

    This is an amazing phone-Samsung has done well with themselves, no doubt!

  • reddragon72

    Already seen the G4 exynous scores and it scores around the same as the S600. But bring in the T4i and it’s over! the T4i early benchmarks levels both of these. But as for the G4 exynous all early marks look roughly the same. Oddly the G4 S600 seems to be slower than the HTC One’s S600 on some other benchmark sites…..
    Just have to wait till someone does an all out good comparison.

  • JohnnyL53

    And yet there were still reports of lagging on the S4. Touchwiz depsite some apparently attractive features is still such a piece of CPU resource hogging crap.