One of the chief complaints of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch was in regards to notifications. In this case, the lack of them. That said, Samsung has rolled out an update for the Gear Manager application and seems to have addressed that issue. First things first though, in order to grab this latest Manager app update, you will need to make sure the firmware of the watch itself is up to date.

If you remember back, Samsung rolled-out a small firmware update last week. Provided that is installed, grab the latest Gear Manager app update and you will be able to begin selecting which apps you want to receive notifications for. The update brings the ability to get alerts for just about any app and they are in full detail when they show up on your wrist.

Basically, launch the Gear Manager app, dive into the More Notifications section and begin choosing which apps you want to send to your smartwatch. Setting an app is as simple as checking the box to the right of the app name. That said, you should be able to grab this update from the Samsung Apps store on your device immediately.

Bottom line here, this is the way the notifications should have been when the Galaxy Gear originally launched. Needless to say, this is certainly still a case of better late than never. Otherwise, another of the big complaints also seems to be getting worked out over time — device support. Initially this was limited to the Galaxy Note 3, however Samsung has been rolling Android 4.3 out to other devices. Now if we could just get Samsung to do something about the price.

VIA: SamMobile

  • Dan S

    This update made notifications worse on my Gear with Verizon S4. When I first got the watch last week I was able to get the first couple lines of my Corprate email. After the update to Gear Manager I am no longer able to get the text on the Gear, If I tap the noticicaton on the gear I just get a button that says View on Device. I called Samsung they told me to reach out to My email guy they must have started blocking something with Bluetooth. ( I am the Email Guy and Made no changes.) They also said that they could not support me the only thing they can support is Gmail, Which is also still not displaying any text.

    If you have an S4 I would recommend staying away from the gear for a while.

  • jmdolphin

    Gear manager gets an update but no firmware update so the notification capabilities work..

  • Dondrell Lewis

    I got the gear not don’t like at all