Samsung Forte 4G LTE Android Handset for MetroPCS Leaked

January 12, 2011

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Take a peek at this simple looking little lady, one that looks very similar to a phone (the R190) that was leaked yesterday, so similar, in fact, that we're not sure why MetroPCS would... you know... do such a thing. Two phones that look exactly the same and are - but the source this source is sourcing from (Samsung Hub) says that two are different.

And maybe they are! The specs seem dead on - Android 2.2 (with possible Android 2.3 upgrade), 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5MP camera, TouchWiz UI and microSD card slot, but perhaps the hardware is just a tiny bit different. The R190 might not have a flip-out keyboard, the Forte does, the Samsung logo is below on the R190, the Forte has it above, and the R190 has a visible MetroPCS logo where the Forte does not. But these could also ALL be because image is further developed than the other. Opinions?

[Via SamsungHub]

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  • Joanie

    How is it that Metro PCS phones have 2.2 on then and we can’t get it on a freaking Sprint Epic? When is this update coming out!?

  • Ant

    because its better for the manufacturers to come out with a new phone with the latest version of android, then for them to upgrade older versions. There no making money by upgrading older phones, there actually in theory taking away from there profits, because if they upgraded older phones, why would you upgrade?

  • mike

    your mad about 2.2?
    2.3 is out.

  • when and where can i get the Samsung Forte by metro pcs?

  • Wadya

    I hope Samsung Forte has front facing camera, FM Radio, FM Transmitter, 4+ inch screen, 1 GB onbaord RAM, 16 GB SD card included, Super AMOLED screen, HDMI out, Sync software that is fully compatible with Windows (ME, XP, Vista, 7), etc. Most important is it should be easy to root and easy to install Cynaogenmod custom Rom.

    • kenny

      good luck with that

  • how much is the forte..

  • how much is the forte..

  • does metro still have thr forte or whom has it??

  • does metro still have thr forte or whom has it??