Samsung and Chillingo announced the 100% Indie app portal in early-February and coming as was promised, the portal has gone live. For those who missed that earlier bit, the 100% Indie app portal is promising to “inspire, promote and motivate game developers.” At least in part, that motivation will come in the form of an attractive revenue share model.

The revenue share is tied in with the name. You see, developers that sign up and release an app in the 100% Indie app portal will get to keep 100 percent of the revenue they earn for the first 6 months time. From that point it begins to drop. This goes to 90 percent from months 6 to 12, to 80 percent for the next 12 months and then eventually settles in at 70 percent.

The 100% Indie app portal will be available on Samsung devices (using Samsung Apps) and as we saw with the original announcement, will not be exclusive. In fact, it was said that developers publishing in the portal will be free to also publish their apps in other stores. Say, the Amazon Appstore or Google Play.

Interested developers will have to apply for entry into the Indie portal where the apps will be checked for “quality and suitability.” Assuming your app is approved for entry, you will receive a Samsung invite code in return. In addition to the above average revenue sharing, the 100% Indie portal will also offer some other developer perks. These will include what Samsung and Chillingo are describing as “resourceful tools, inspiring articles and information to encourage and motivate developers to create incredible games.”

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  • freeiam

    This is the end of Google

  • Why back to a 30% cut … If they really wanted to drive devs there the could stay at 10%-20% forever give them a real reason to hang with them.

  • They are gonna leave Android eventually for sure and I wish them the best of luck. I hope that Google move their ass to make competitive products with Motorola to make the market more diverse too.

  • Francesco Mattioli

    It’s a little scam. Chillingo is paid for bringing games on the samsung store . They tell you it’s 100% the first year and you get a lot of featuring across Chillingo channels and Samsung store . All they keep doing is pitching you and asking to bring games on the samsung store ( different persons in chillingo that do not nothing about your games or your company ). They do not do promotions and keep telling lies like that the marketing team is out for holidays , or they send you fake graphics specifications on artwork to create . This is reality . By the way : games make 0$ a day . We are talking of ex game of the week on Apple and finalists to the android Qualcomm 2013 contest.