Samsung, along with EA’s mobile game publishing division, Chillingo have announced a new partnership that will bring something called 100% Indie. This program is aimed at increasing the availability of indie apps. The 100% Indie program is set to kick off on March 4 and takes its name from the revenue scheme.

You see, Samsung and Chillingo will be letting indie developers keep 100 percent of the revenue earned. The 100 percent offer does come with a time limit though, in this case, the first 6 months from when the app launches. After that time is over, the developer will have a 90/10 percent split (where they keep the 90). This will remain until the end of the first year when the split goes to 80/20. The changes wrap after the second year when the split hits the more familiar sounding 70/30 percent.

Bottom line here, this sounds like a nice option for indie developers to keep a bit more of the revenue. Aside from being a potential perk for developers looking to launch an app, this should also have some perks for Samsung and Chillingo. As for Samsung, keep in mind, these apps will be available by way of the Samsung Apps store. Basically, this could further tie Samsung device owners into the Samsung ecosystem.

One key point that developers should know, using the 100% Indie program will not restrict you from publishing elsewhere. According to the Reuters report, this program is not exclusive and developers will be able to simultaneously publish their titles other app stores such as with Google or Amazon. Finally, developers looking for a bit more information can head to the 100% Indie website which can be found using this link.

[via Gamasutra]


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