Recently we’ve been seeing a bit of news regarding some upcoming HTC devices. Reports of quad-core Tegra 3 devices with AT&T 4G LTE, and even a few tablets have been spotted. Today however new speculation has arrived mentioning that T-Mobile and HTC are teaming up yet again (for the third time) and will be releasing an HTC G3. The original G1 days — good ol times with that clunky keyboard and updating to Cupcake.

The original Google device, for those that sadly don’t know, was the T-Mobile HTC G1. The device was released in October, and now we are seeing signs that a G3 QWERTY keyboard equipped smartphone might arrive in Q3 this year possibly around September. Or even the same October date as the original. According to TmoNews, a device codenamed the HTC Era 42 will be headed to T-Mobile this fall, and the specs and rumors all sound like an HTC One branded device only with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard — but will keep the T-Mobile G3 branding.

We can expect a completely stock version of Android, most likely Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it should rival if not beat the current crop of HTC One phones. According to multiple sources the original HTC G1 was codenamed the Era in some countries, and even the launch date matches up with the same time-frame as the G1 and G2. Obviously we don’t have any real hard evidence at this point. We’re hearing that a few different sources have been told the device is indeed in the works.

We know a few diehard Android fans would love a stock vanilla Android device with a hardware keyboard — so this could get interesting. Maybe the HTC G3 will rock Qualcomm’s new quad-core S4 Pro and be complete as T-Mobile’s first 4G LTE device. That I’d buy! More details and speculation can be found at the source link below.

[via AndroidandMe]

  • Please be true

  • my mouth is watering in aticipation.

  • Neal

    I had G1, and soon moving on from my G2; T-mo has not remained dedicated to to upsetting these previous models and I wouldn’t expect any better in the future. I expect it will be another half-ass insult with not enough power and a keyboard that gets in the way more than it actually benefits you. I am moving on to Nexus series so that I can get timely updates, TRUE stock Android, and no T-mo bloatware. I’m sorry to rain on the exciting rumors but their history on this series is not good.

    • Neal

      Updating, not upsetting.

  • Basem

    A slide out QWERTY keyboard? That’s so old fashioned. I hope T-Mobile and HTC know what they are doing.

  • dom

    Haha yeah…my g2 is falling beyond repair. Camera, usb port broken. Beaten to heck. I love it though….considering what I’ve put it through! I really don’t want to go to sense UI or have an only touch screen device….. please be true!

  • Lmiah

    If this is true, I am waiting to get it instead of anything out there now. What I’ve been hoping forrrrr

  • skittixch

    Long live the Z-Hinge! I can’t live without that sexy keyboard flipsnap

  • speculatrix

    I thought the G3 was the HTC Doubleshot, aka T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide

    I have one of these, it works perfectly on the UK’s 3G – UMTS 2100

    Mine runs Virtuous Inquisition, a fairly pure AOSP distro and pretty much everything works.
    Internally it’s like the Sensation aka Pyramid – dual core, 768M, adreno 220. It doesn’t have MHL video like the Sensation, but can output composite video over the headphone jack so it’s better than nothing.

  • servo36

    Sign me up!

  • Kheir Francis

    i miss my g1 hopefully if the g3 has the same slide screen an keyboard like the G1 but specs like quad core, tegra 3 processor and jellybea an pure google phone, im switching back to T Mobile.

  • As a former owner of the g1 and current owner of the g2 which stopped being updated after less than a year of owning it (had it almost two years now). I love the phone but hate gingerbread os. Am about to root and put cm9 on it. Furious with htc for not updating the phone and sticking us with this horrible gingerbread os that you have to downgrade from in order to root and put a good os on. I will never buy another htc product again. Next phone WILL be Nexus!