One of the more popular reader applications, known as Pulse, has just received a huge update that brings it to version 3.0. This update adds some slick new features, some of which are exclusive the Android version of the app. The biggest new feature for the update is addition of unlimited pages. Now, users can add as many sites as they want, which should make using the app a whole lot more enjoyable.

The update also adds improved navigation through a slightly tweaked UI. There is a new sidebar that displays all of your sources and settings at a glance. With a simple swipe or tap, the sidebar will pop out and show you all the pertinent information quickly. This should make using the app more efficient, which will allow you to get in, read your news, and move on with your day. The update also greatly improves the app’s search function. It can now pull in information from sites like Tumblr, YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Flickr, Blekko, and more. Version 3.0 of Pulse also adds customizable pages and infinite scrolling.

As far as Android exclusives, the app adds a brand new widget. It displays your current top story in a customizable view. It also features greatly improved notifications on Android. You can customize how often the app notifies you of your favorite sources’ top stories, so you can be notified as often, or as rarely as you want.

The update is available right now from Google Play. The app went free a while ago, and it is still available without you needing to open your wallet. If you’re looking for a new way to read the latest news, this app is definitely worth a look.

[via Pulse]

  • Parker

    Rather than write an “article” that reads like the Alphonso Labs press release you should at least check Google Play to see that a huge percentage of users HATE this update. An article on how to go back to prior versions of all apps would be welcome too. There are simply too many updates that are not improvements.

  • casperi

    yup I agree this update , well sucks so for us rooted users like me I just restored from tb. problem solved. Don’t know what to tell you non rooted guys though sry.

  • This update is a TRAINWRECK. It is inferior to the last version in every perceivable way.

  • Mark

    The review reads like a press release, unfortunately it does not provide a critical assesment of the updated features.

    My personal experience with this updated version of Pulse has been very disappointing. The lack of tabs is a step backwards, and the speed and offline functionality seems to be also diminished.

    This used to one of the best apps on a mobile platform, Alphonso Labs could do well to reconsider what made Pulse great before removing key features