You know that rockin reader application that SlashGear was recently (and still is?) featured on, that one that’s really successful, really rocking, and looks super nice? Now it’s free. Pulse News, the #1 news reading app on several Apple products (iPad, iPhone) as well as Android, has gone completely free today across ALL platforms. Pulse would like, of course, to thank everyone who worked with, on, and used the app up until this point where it’s rockin enough to give away for total freeness.

You can access the Pulse app for free at the same locations you’d normally get apps, like your Mac App Store, Android Marketplace, etc. If you do, take a minute to add all your favorite blogs like, for instance, Android Community! Then you can get all your great Android news in another nicely designed format, courtesy of the folks at Pulse. Plus BONUS: fun little commercial:

[Via Pulse Blog]