PopCap Games has returned with additional Plants vs. Zombies 2 release details. The game will be launching on July 18th and while that would normally sound like good news, Android users that have been waiting will likely be a bit disappointed. You see, in addition to the release date, PopCap Games has mentioned that being "exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch."

With that in mind, we don't expect the iOS exclusivity to last forever but at this time PopCap Games has yet to say when the game will be arriving in the Google Play Store. Looking back and we remember the original Plants Vs. Zombies game also arrived first for iOS users. Our take on that, the iOS exclusivity may have made sense a few years back but with the present breakdown of Android and iOS that doesn't seem quite as acceptable these days.

Without diving into a full rant, how about we shift to the features of the game and look forward to the time when Android users will be able to join in on the fun. Plants vs. Zombies 2 details coming from this announcement include how the "vast majority of the game will be entirely free to play." There wasn't much in terms of the "vast majority" comment, however PopCap has also that "players can face every zombie and access every level in every world at no cost." On the flip side, there will be upgrades and other in-game items available for purchase.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 will bring a return of the classic gameplay from the original and also bring dozens of new levels as well as new power-ups, plant food that can supercharge plants and new game mechanics that are said to both "help and hinder players’ efforts to thwart the zombie hordes will enthrall existing fans and new players alike."

[youtube gbcBYs0ljI0]

Of course, Crazy Dave the neighbor will also be making a return. Crazy Dave will act as the guide and shopkeeper offering plant upgrades as well as other tools and weapons. PopCap Games is planning to show more of Plants vs. Zombies 2 next week at E3. In the meantime, while Android users are left waiting for release details, we do have the official trailer video which can be seen above.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: PopCap Games

  • I guess PopCap doesn’t care to do business with Android users.

    • Yea this shit needs to stop

      • Pewdiepie

        Yo danm right but a least give the “android users” a detail on when its going to be released cuz there’s a riot on pvz2 not yet on android users ( btw iam have an android and Iam still waiting for it to be released)

      • dong453


    • Krel Adam

      Apps/Games usually always come first for iOS. no surprise here

    • kermed

      Of course not lol. Imagine releasing for Android right away?
      They would get 3 sales and 10 million pirated copies.
      Yeah I would release for a more secure and less piracy ridden platform first too.

  • Babs Oyed

    Good thing there are alternatives. They can get lost

  • Alec Smith

    That’s why I have the best of both worlds, an iPad and a galaxy!

  • Mark Shryock

    I wonder if the new dev tools announced at I/O will help turn the tide. There is really no excuse now that the fragmentation problem has been solved.

    • Ernest


      • Damien

        the new SDK makes it very easy to create a game that scales to multiple screen sizes and platforms. Not dissimilar to a PC game.

      • james

        No, the new SDK / tools released @ IO do not make programming a NDK app across 6 different aspect ratios and many different form-factors / resolutions any easier for an app developed over the past two years and conceived with the reality that 80% of revenues on cross platform games are still driven from iOS. The art / UI / UX challenge alone (not to mention everything else) remains crazy complex in the android space by comparison.

      • Damien

        What would you know about developing for Android?
        If an indie developer can develop a perfectly good app that works across multiple systems, then why can’t a large gaming company? I don’t care what you think, I know many friends on FB and IRL who have payed for PvsZ on Android.. Not a very fair argument to say that iOS deserves first priority because there’s more users… If that was the case we shouldn’t be making any programs for Mac, what’s the sense in that?

  • Truth

    They aren’t making the game in android but it is going to be their loss in the long run when they start seeking android users base as well. Many third party developers are going to copy and build on their style in android and claim the fame.

  • Mads Feierskov

    Strange that they would just ignore 50% of smartphone users. Nobody is going to buy an Apple device to get the game anyway, so there really is no reason to do it other than to suck up the the Apple masterrace..

    • dickery dock

      the last I checked android accounts for 73% of smartphone users, but your point stands.

  • Anbasnipez

    Even on this day we do not have the full PvZ on android, as we lack Zen garden and so forth.
    I don’t see PvZ2 being any different sadly.
    Popcap doesn’t seem to follow the markets, there are so many users on android

    • mark

      they updated the app on play store few days ago the game now includes zen garden minigames achivments and as soon as you start the game for the first time you get a big advertisment for plants vs zombies 2 im sure they are working on the android version and wont be long till we get it on andorid

    • someone

      tottally with you

  • Mujtaba

    Yo popcap what is this people wana kill u man this is racist Pls put it on android as quick as possible pls . We like this game as hell people may place a riot :'(

  • Mujtaba


  • Mujtaba

    No offence people are angry

  • Wth

    Popcap is Racist

  • fahadzead

    What??? Fuck you ? Why not on android ecer thing ios fuck ios 7 and any device apple

  • sk8rat

    What the fuck is the point of it only being on apple shit? I mean its not like an exclusive for a game console. Nobodies gonna fucking switch to iPhone just so they can get plants vs zombies 2.

    • Soiga

      well,I almost do it.The second version is fxcking kickass

  • yeahman45

    no pc?? it’s origin was on pc! and it’s best played on a pc!

  • Joey Joe

    Fuck you Apple and Fuck you Popcop

  • Michael Arellano

    Any word on when I can get it on my sidekick?

  • Ziyan

    Listen up Popcap
    I believe that you should release Plants vs Zombies 2 on androids as soon as possible or you will keep on getting hate messages from android users.

  • dugleik

    Vote with your wallet. Don’t buy the game or any games from Popcap, ever.

  • Phil Winkel

    apple shit sucks

  • guest

    Popcap you are a bunch of pricks more people for an android phone or tablet than apple

  • jacob

    PEOPLE the reason they did that is so people will buy more apple products and yes is do understand that apple is shit and pop cap are dicks for only release it on iOS.

    • someone

      apple is not a shit, its just “worse than” our android’s

  • William Choochootrain


    • Alexander

      Bankrupt? Srsly? They’re ranked ‘the most valuable brand in the world’ so won’t happen in your fucking lifetime

      • someone

        apple is “the most valuable brand in the world”
        iphone not

  • fji

    the game still isn’t out on anything when will it be out!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Josh

      I heard if you change your region to Australia you can get it, I have an Android tablet unfortunately, so no way for me alone to confirm

  • jon

    All in time. i really dont care how long it takes to get to android as long as when it does we get the same game. thanx for the great games!

  • Cosy

    Don’t Fuck Me, Release In Android!!! >:(

  • JX

    hello~ still waiting~~!!

  • Gerasene

    Checking pvz2 news evey day, popcap, give out your android version!

  • LastaMasta

    So what? Just buy an iPad and you’ll be pleased and able to play many others good games not available in Android.

    • Nonya

      Yes. Because I’m willing to spend well over $500 on a paperweight just to play a game.

    • someone

      like nonya said, iphone, ipad, ipod touch’s are too expensive, and they dont have anything that is really better than android’s, cheaper and better

  • awesome guy

    what are you guys mad at?
    it hasn’t been released for ios yet
    there was only a pre-release only for Australia and New Zealand

  • sane_android_user

    Wow. You guys sound like you could kill someone just for a game…

    • someone

      it’s not for the game, we’re just are sad about waiting for our devices to have the same of the others, android techlonogy totally “got” the world, but Pop Cap really dont know that


    I will Pirate the hell out of this game just because POPCAP SNUBBED ANDROID USER FUCK THAT!

  • fuck

    For real? fucking iOS only? assholes, truly.

  • gtbarry

    I am completely with PopCap on this. You release a new product to a very small group of non-technical people first. So you can work out the bugs before you release it to the real world.

  • Mickey Zamora

    Lol Android is and forever will be inferior compared to iOS

    • someone

      you dont have any sense about iphone vs android, do you?

      just try to compare each cellphone, an iphone 5 is worse than (samsung galaxy s3, samsung galaxy s4, LG Nexus 4, Nexus 5(coming soon), HTC one, and lots of androids that have been the best’s in everything about cellphones)

      iphone will never more be better

  • Ed

    Hah, anything EA touches turns to crap-I will enjoy watching EA take apple with them into the dark abyss

  • Joshua

    F*** you Popcap and EA too…

    • EAsucksmyballs

      Fuck them in the neck. I am so angry with EA. I hope that bitch gets killed.

      • Easucksmyballs

        I mean first they give us a broken game in SimCity that is still not working. Then they fuck up Plants Vs Zombies. Complete assholes to not release it for PC. I motherfucking hate EA and all they stand for. They are the most evil,fucked off company ever.

  • TheGainadl .

    This is so stupid!!!
    I can’t play this game because i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with android!!!
    The adroid is way better than an iphone!!! Just look at the hardware!!! Why the people keep buying the fat phone???
    And why the heck the adroid is discriminated????

  • Crazyer

    I aree whit TheGainald beacose i think then more people have smartphons whit android and this people must veith longer.Pleees put this game for android.

  • Anonymus

    Am so tired of this IOS release before Android crap! Reminds me of Racial segragation! Android users also want this game and at the same time as iOS users.

  • dong453