The latest Omate TrueSmart teaser video has been released. We have been seeing quite a few updates and videos from the folks at Omate since the Kickstarter campaign launched a few weeks earlier, however this one arrives with a bit more to get excited about. Well, for those who backed the project to get excited about anyway. That said, this video is offering a look at the first working model.

In the past the watches we have seen used in the videos have been prototypes. This one is said to have just come out of the assembly process and is getting ready to be checked over to see if anything needs to be tweaked in any way. This should also be some good news for those hoping to see the TrueSmart smartwatch ship as expected — after all, it was said that the engineers plan to “assemble a few more over the weekend and when everything is fine, the production assembly can begin.”

More to the point here, we have been given a look at how the TrueSmart will look and function in the final hardware design. Though, the video mostly offers a closeup of the display and functionality. The first thing many will likely notice is the app icons — of which this will be a Dick Tracy like watch phone. For the voice calls, the TrueSmart has a built-in microphone and speaker as well as Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

It appears as if each screen will be able to hold up to four apps and the scrolling through home screens seems to be smooth. There was a mention of how more still needed to be put in, but there wasn’t anything else said in terms of what that would be. We do get a look into the settings and also see some of the swipe gestures.


For example, a long slide from right to left will take you back to the previous screen. Also, a double tap of the clock face brings you to the Android interface. A better look at the watch hardware comes towards the very end of the video, at around the 1 minute mark. Here you see the SIM card slot (still opened and uncovered on the left side) as well as the two buttons and 5 megapixel camera on the right side.

Aside from a look at the watch as Kickstarter backers will receive it, the campaign still has six days remaining. There are a few pledge options available, however this is one campaign that has had no trouble in reaching the goal. In fact, at present the TrueSmart is sitting with $765,033 towards the initial goal of $100,000. As a result of meeting the goal so quickly, the watch has been working through some stretch goals with the most recent having been 720p quality video recording.

  • BJ Van Gundy

    Y’all come support this great product. I got on the band wagon as a backer early and have had a great experience and become very impressed with the team that is putting together the TrueSmart.

    The rest of the “smart watch” world will be playing catch up with this baby for a while. 5MP Camera, 1GB/4GB built in with 32GB SD addon, FULL 4.2.2 Android system, Play Store enabled, GPS, Full Color with a Sapphire crystal…. and it goes on and on. Nothing compares… and all that for just over $200 (right now… retail later on will be $300-$400) and delivery starts in OCTOBER!

    • Casey

      Alright so this is one of the last days to jump on board for kickstarter and i really want to join in on this but im having a hard time debating if i would use this over a nexus 7..both same price so which should i get? I mean what am i adding to my life with one of these AND a phone in my pocket? will it be that much better to have a phone on my wrist as well or companion to the phone? will saving 3 seconds from pulling out my phone really be worth it? I am just looking for justification to buying one of these and any help would be appreciated!! Also i ride a motorcycle so having the ability to control songs on my wrist would be a great plus..but other than that i cant think of other reasons for owning one of these on top of a great phone with the htc one..?

      Please help!

  • Fredrik

    Can only agree with above poster, really happy i backed this one.

  • paul

    This has better specs in my opinion than galaxy gear,imwatch,hotwatch kreyosYou can use it as a standalone smartwatch and make voice calls text etc.Or you can Bluetooth to your phone receive notifications,control music and even answer phone without taking it out of pocket.With 100 hours standby its better than most as it has a high capacity battery.Its full flrdged jellybean android os.You can get the 1gb mem 8gb storage and still have sd card for up to 32gb on top of that. colour tft has up to 40gb storage.Blows all away .Powerful processor.Its almost as powerful as Samsung galaxy.The oly smart watch that turned my head.Im a backer.Getting money out of me isn’t easy,but this was a no brainer.They have started the production already.Components all secured.Soon as kickstarter ends full production begins.These guys have designed watches before and are respected that’s why they have been able to get so far in production.

  • dan

    I can’t wait to receive my rooted one in October best smartwatch by a mile

  • Colin C

    I’m a backer too 🙂 .. It’s amazing how much smartwatches have progressed since the Motoactv. I’d feel sad retiring my Motoactv but this might even replace my smartphone as well. I could just use this with my Nexus 7 …

  • Casey

    ^^previous comment

    Please help!!!

  • Casey

    Welp BJ looks like i just missed it by a couple of hours…but it looks like they have already opened up pre-orders on their website ..looks like i would have saved 50 bucks getting it through the kickstarter..i thinks thats the only thing i may be losing out on 🙁