Omate TrueSmart: a Kickstarter shipment unboxing

March 5, 2014

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Originally backed on the day the Omate TrueSmart Kickstarter launched, our shipment finally arrived earlier this morning. We realize plenty are still waiting, and while this may only serve to further tease you, we did want to offer this unboxing to address some complaints we have been seeing regarding the TrueSmart shipments.

We've been following the Omate threads on Google+ and have been seeing quite a few issues where people received damaged units. Not to mention, packages that have been missing items. That had us a bit worried. We certainly cannot speak for all the Omate shipments, but we can at least give hope that some are arriving, and arriving without issue.

Our watch arrived without any damage, and we also received the extra items. In our case those included a spare battery, spare charging cradle, and t-shirt -- all of which can be seen in the video. One interesting thing worth mentioning, the watch we received was branded as a Developer Edition, and we had pledged as part of the Early Bird 1 group.

[youtube ACGvTwn4UiA]

That aside, the more important part here is the undamaged watch. We have the watch running with an AT&T StraightTalk SIM and plan to put it to the test. With that in mind, if you have any questions -- fire away, we'll do our best to answer. In the meantime, those looking for more coverage should keep an eye on our Omate TrueSmart hub.

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  • Davin

    I’m glad to see you guys got an undamaged watch, and I’m looking forward to more coverage.

    Of course as an October Dev Edition backer, its frustrating to see the Dev watches going out, when we keep getting told ours are being pushed back.

    And I can only imagine how the EU backers are feeling.

    • Hopefully the watches will begin going out on a regular basis. It would be nice to see them all delivered. Sadly, delays seem to be a big part of the Kickstarter process.

    • Eemeli Saarelainen

      Depends on the backer. I’m one of the most calm EU backers. There have been a quite a bit of complaints particularly on Facebook about backers not receiving their watches. I’m patiently waiting although I was supposed to get mine in November. I rather receive a functional watch little later than a broken one now.

  • crisban

    “it arrived in an appropriately sized box with appropriate packaging”

    If something doesn’t contribute to the video, don’t say it.

    • It applies to the point where there has been quite a few complaints about packages being damaged and poorly packed.

      • Larry

        Mine arrived in a box that had the plastic case right against the cardboard with no cushioning. I could see how some items arrived with the outer case damaged. It would only take one careless postal worker tossing this item to break the display case. Luckily, mine arrived fine.

  • snakedoctor828

    I remember the kickstarter and one of the biggest things to “set it apart” was it being waterproof. Now they cant guarantee the waterproofness???

    • I know, and honestly, as much as I want to give this a test, I am a bit worried.

      • snakedoctor828

        In a way now that Ive seen that part im glad something came up and I couldn’t join the kickstart because that is a turn off and makes me want to wait for a few gens to get one. I look forward to the review. The waterproof is the reason i’m holding off on “Ring” as well.

        Tech innovators need to realise that wearables are going to have to be waterproof if they really want to make an impact and have3 a nice marketable platform!

  • Johnny Zacchara

    I put in a sim from bell canada and it worked fine, then i switched and put in a sim from telus which is my main phone and it wont work at all to the point where it wont even detect a sim card. I’m wondering what’s going on and what i can do to get the sim card to work. Is it that the phone wasn’t unlocked and now it thinks its a bell phone? What can i do

  • jacs1445

    Can the watch connect to your phone or is it set to wear you only just use the watch