Notion Ink Adam Matte and Scratch Resistant Surface Disputed [PLUS Notion Ink Response]

January 16, 2011

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So this morning we received a mail from an intrepid reader that informed us that, despite the listing of Notion Ink's Honeycomb tablet Adam's matte and scratch resistant display, it was neither! Our "Man in UK" mister Chris Davies shot a post up in what's considered our (USA's) middle of the night, and a quick response came to use via Notion Ink's own Rohan Shravran.

The dispute here comes from a promise in the spec sheet of the Notion Ink Adam to have a screen "made of pure matte glass," while company emails to pre-order customers [seen here] are noting that the display is both glossy and non-scratch resistant, needing an adhesive screen protector to meet standards. The big concern here is that even if the screen protector is shipped already attached to the screen, customers are going to feel cheated.

Now we've got an official response from Rohan - take a peek:

“Adam comes with 2 layers of Matte Surfaces, one on the PQ LCD screen, other through the Matte Screen protector on the outside Glass. Inside layer cuts the gloss on the LCD layer and colors are not washed out. For the outside glass we are using specially designed matte covers which users at their end can decide to use or not. It is finger stain resistant (oil component) and has same matte properties as on the LCD. The glass in itself is further scratch resistant.”


[Via SlashGear]

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  • Nilesh Zabak

    When it comes to prase, Cris Burns will always hide in Bush…but as soon as you “Speculate” something negative about write a very Big, detailed article..why Chris?? Why are you not able to see so many positives in Adam…why?? why dont you list them in a blog???

    1) First Tegra 250 Tablet in production
    2) 1 GB SLC + 1 GB Memory (any one has it..??
    3) Great aerodynamic patentended design praised by whole world
    4) Great speakers
    5) First to have FM Radio in Tablet
    6) Baterry life of 16 hours with PixelQI…(is there any one near )

    and lots more..I can go on and on…

    Never be partial Chis..go and report truth…

  • so

    so what?

  • Nilesh Zabak forgot to copy paste the “Update2″ on Slashgear… (is it intentional” ..?)

  • Hody benky

    How much is your handler paying Chris to help Adam fail ? The consumer has not got the Adam but yet you go on a speculative ride and pass on something as if it’s a fact. The only thing that is getting established with each revelation of yours on Adam is your own credibility. Keep going it will do you lot of good.

  • Mike

    @nilesh – Maybe because Chris does not have an Adam to review?

    Looking back through the articles tagged under “Notion Ink Adam,” Chris has been reasonably thorough on covering information on the Adam as it has come out.

  • Chris Burns

    Bringing you EVERY Adam update as it comes, all, even when it’s bad. This has been a very by-the-day update process with Notion Ink since it was first conceived, and I and we want to give you everything, even less-than-100% confirmed updates – because that’s what we do with every single Android device worth covering.

  • sickofadamnews

    Ok, every time there is a post about Adam, there like a billion fanbois that come up and comment. What strange is most have indian names. I hope they are not Notion Ink employees. These guys are like zealots about it. Stop writing stories on Adam, and let them fester on Notion INks forum.

    If you read there blog is a bit scary, like the comments they post on it. It just a freaking tablet, let it go. I never seen a product that was so chaotic. One day the fanbois are happy other day they get riled up and upset.

    AndroidCommunity please stop posting stories about the Adam. Once it out and you guys care to review please do so.

    Honestly I won’t comment whether it will do well or not. A good product sells itself. People are getting sick of these Notion Ink stories.

    Next Please.

    • Some Dude

      You’re totally right. I’m both amused and surprised by how vehemently people have been defending Adam – and I actually have been anticipating this device for a long time. (I didn’t buy an iPad, because I think the Adam has better features and is more open)

      However, it’s just a product. Time will tell whether it can compete with the iPad – not angry comments on every even slightly negative story about the Adam.

  • pramod

    To – sickofadamnews –> You sound completely Indian yourself!!! Iam sure you are sir!

  • Indianguy

    Spot on buddy. The fan website is sometimes (most) delirious.

  • Guys,

    No need to fight, if you’re a fan of Notion Ink, stop on by and sign-up. All the negativity will end when us first round orders have a shit grin a mile wide on our face.

    Andy (Admin @

  • Nilesh Zabak

    @sickofadamnews — Simple dont read …

    and dont try to be Racial.!!!

    as soon as Rohan won Android Person of the year one even reported that …??

    why … ?

  • punjab patel

    inferior indian/chinese trash. enjoy your POS tsblet fanboys, its been fun watching you blindly follow a failed company that managed to string you along for over a year

  • eric

    from my perspective, it’s like the american gadget press just won’t give up on sniping at notion ink. now that the technical issues are out of the way and the FCC clearance is (almost) official and shipping has been announced for Wednesday, people have to find some other nit to pick. “Hey, I know – let’s go re-parse the marketing materials for anything we can construe as a mis-statement!”

    For folks unfamliar with anti-glare treatments: They’re not perfect, especially in direct sun, and they don’t have any impact on smudge-resistance. So people often find they’re insufficient. But they’re still real, and they’re still the best you can do when you’re trying to satisfy the greatest number of people. (If you want to see what the Adam’s “unprotected” matte screen will look like, the screen surface on a B&N Nook Color is probably a pretty close match.)

    the way this fanboi/anti-fanboi stuff works, I suspect that 5 years from now many of the critics will have converted into True Believers and I’ll be mildly ashamed to be seen in public with an NI tablet.

  • Jerry

    well, we will find out this weekend as long as nothing else blows up on the NI end. The forum ( has been following this stuff for months…

    We will see once they do the side by side video of the PQi and LCD screens….

  • Ozymandias

    Your face is disputed!!!!