The Note 3, with it’s massive 32oomAh battery, has many fans of the Note franchise excited. A revamped device which promises to improve on it’s predecessor is always a good thing, but the Note 3 might have a few issues. While that big ‘ol battery is nice, it has it’s disadvantages as well.

In a recent test of several devices, Korean site Playwares rant e Note 3 through three categories: video playback, 3D gaming, and web browsing. The Note 3 fared very well in the first two tests, but web browsing remained the achilles heel for Samsung’s massive phone.

With video playback, the Note 3 garnered a roundly impressive top time of close to 15 hours, and a low time of almost 14 hours. This test was done with the device at maximum brightness levels, and then on a much lower setting. Of course, the brightness matters, but not much with the Note 3. Compared to the Note 2, it got a full 3 hours more -- and over twice as much time as an iPhone 5.


With 3D gaming, the Note 3 once again proved its mettle. At just under 4 hours, the Note 3 trailed only the Optimus GK and Note 2, which beat the Note 3 by a full hour. The devices were tested using the Egypt HD Benchmark from the GL Benchmark suite.

When it comes to web browsing, the Note 3 floundered. With an average time of just under 6 hours, you’d think that AMOLED screen -- which uses more power in situations where there is a lot of white on the screen -- would be the culprit. Oddly enough, that can’t be said, as the Note 2 once again dominated with nearly 8 hours of web browsing time. The Note 3 was beaten by a host of devices, including the iPhone 5, and LG Optimus G Pro and G2 devices.

The Note 3 is still a wonderful device, but if your main concern is battery life, it may suit you best to find a Note 2 on discount. We’d like to think the Note 3 simply needs some sort of software tweak to rectify these issues, but we won’t know until it sees one.

VIA: Android Authority

  • Nickan Fayyazi

    I hate to be a Grammar (or spelling…?) Nazi, but… “its”, not “it’s”.

    • Leto


  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period. The Galaxy Note 3 rules

  • Oscar Cavail

    I have had the Note 3 for a week now. BY FAR THE BEST BATTERY of any previous phone. No contest. This includes blackberrys, 2 iPhones, one Droid X, and my Razr Maxx. It is easily outperforming my Google Nexus 7 which isn’t even on LTE like the Note3. The latest Samsung Fab-let is a beast. Performance over WiFi is the only weakpoint but still insanely better than any of the iPhone 5’s I see in the office which have to be plugged into the wall all the time. The Note 3 is a charge once and be done with worrying about the battery smartphone. With ‘battery saver’ turned on I can make it home at 7PM with over 50% battery. I’m stunned over how much better this phone is on battery consumption than my Maxx. That I was not expecting. P.S. Android 4.3 on the Nexus 7 is flawless under heavy usage. LTE, 3200 mAH and 4.3 is the trifecta of phone nirvana.

  • N8shon

    Despite what any tests say, as a previous owner of the Note 2, now a Note 3 user, the battery life of the Note 3 that I’m experiencing under the same conditions of use, is significantly better. Do not buy a Note 2 over a Note 3. There are many improvements that the Note 3 enjoys that you will regret not having.

  • Fadi

    I have been using the Note 3 for almost 3 weeks and I want to say that this is the best smart phone I have used especially when it comes to battery life. I previously owned the note2 and an iPhone 4S. My note 3 still has 35% remaining battery after 24 hours with data and wifi on with above moderate use.. Just amazing.

  • Babs Oyed

    These tests definitely conflict with my real life experience.

    I have both the Note II and Note 3. The Note 3 has a much much better battery life and is also better than the Note II in pretty much every way.

    Do not buy a Note II, go for the Note 3 instead, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Alex Alexander

    I’m sorry but I disagree with this “test”…
    Right now 13.5 hours with my Note 3, with 3 hours of the screen use and web browsing and I still have 49% of battery. I though that was insane but the comments in everywhere agree with my experience.
    The only thing that I have seen that it seems like the first 20 or 30% or battery go faster, maybe is just the way it calculates the battery remained.
    The Note 3 has the best battery ever.

  • Marvin

    Lousy review… just got mh NOTE 3 a week ago and im having at least 10hours of battery usage with live wallpaper on, at least 2 hours of gaming,watching video on VLC, youtube,facebook,WhatsApp…

    Best smartphone up to date. Dont believe this review!!!

  • NOTE 3

    The N2 is better than the N3 in a few ways. N USER FROM DAY 1. A new battery usually lasts longer than a year old battery, so some of the comments are a tad silly. The stock N2 browser was better than the N3 stock browser for me. Holding the N3 is harder for me than holding the N2. I could go on but I prefer the N3 since the N2 has a dim screen. Not a HUGE upgrade for me.

  • twelba

    There is another. This phone is so much about productivity. The s pen means a client can sign on the phone and my paperwork can be paperless. My phone is my office and there is no way to synch outlook data. My so until samsung sort it I’m still carrying my htc one x minus a similar card. And the whole idea was to come down to just one device.

  • jlninja

    Thats it, 1 out of 3 and you say ditch the phone. Are you insane. Web browsing. The one thing that I do the least of and you want me to ditch the best phone I’ve owned. I think you seriously need to change to covering something you can handle, like the windows phone where there isnt much to do

  • G1andonly

    That’s why I’m holding in to my note 2, that 1080p screen eats battery and soon all the features of the note 3 will be on the note 2,thank you and goodnight.


      When Come to raw performance .. let’s see who win . Note 2 ? I dont think so

  • J Zahn

    coming from the original motorola droid, nexus and galaxy SIII, i find the note 3 battery life surprisingly long. it goes from sun up to bed on one charge. it was close to needing a charge while i was running maps/navigation for 6 hours, but fared very well.

    i don’t understand why some people can’t sync their contacts, calandar and email to Outlook for work. mine has worked well on my previous androids.

    i do agree with a few reviewers that say the s pen programs are relatively disjointed and not part of a complete package, i find myself lost a bit with all the s pen functionality. but i like it.

    anyway, glad i jumped into the Note 3 and i wouldn’t think it prudent to look into a Note 2.

  • Oscar Cavail

    I now find myself intentionally trying to run down the battery on my Note3 so that I can begin charging at 0% which is better for the battery than plugging it above 50%. So far with the phone unplugged at 8 am it runs out o juice no sooner than 2 am. The other thing, the battery charges VERY FAST. Also, I’m not too impressed with Touch Wiz, I keep getting “unfortunately Google Search has stopped working” errors messages which I never get on my Nexus 7 on 4.3, so I keep having to clear the Google Search cache in the app manager. I wish Google would offer ‘stock 4.3″ downloads per device for a small fee. But that error message is the only hicup so far. Otherwise this phone is ‘the next level’ of smartphone. It has far too many features to be compared to any other phone. The S pen scrap booker is very useful in my line of work and outside interests. One thing I wish it could do is raise the screen brightness on full when the S pen is pulled out and return it to a low setting when the S pen is put back in.

    • Jeremy Smith
      • Oscar Cavail

        Thanks! won’t let it go below 20%. But if I screw up I can just get another one and pop it in the back instead of having to send in the whole device in like an iPhone or my old Maxx. Who likes being without their phone for a week when you can just replace the battery in 60 seconds.. win win.

  • ed choe

    I have had my note 3 for 10 days and the battery has been good. On par with iPhone 5 or little better.

  • eliot ryan

    Wow…this is a screwed up test. My Note 3 battery life has been AMAZING. I get a solid 4 and a half hours of screen on time and 18-22 hours in between charges. The battery is brilliant and I am coming from a Droid Maxx which has an outstanding battery as well. Note 3 battery life is astoundingly good.

    • Jon Lewis

      I too switched the maxx out for the note 3 . First day I got 5.5 hrs on screen time which isn’t too bad although I did manage to squeeze 7 hrs out of my maxx

  • S S Loh

    can I use Note 2 charger to charge Note 3?

    • dlegendary0ne


  • sergioarun

    This table above is full of shit..If you would want to compare use a phone battery which as about the same quantity…This is totally misleading…An example would be the HTC butterfly s which also offer a 3200Mah..