The Note 3, with it’s massive 32oomAh battery, has many fans of the Note franchise excited. A revamped device which promises to improve on it’s predecessor is always a good thing, but the Note 3 might have a few issues. While that big ‘ol battery is nice, it has it’s disadvantages as well.

In a recent test of several devices, Korean site Playwares rant e Note 3 through three categories: video playback, 3D gaming, and web browsing. The Note 3 fared very well in the first two tests, but web browsing remained the achilles heel for Samsung’s massive phone.

With video playback, the Note 3 garnered a roundly impressive top time of close to 15 hours, and a low time of almost 14 hours. This test was done with the device at maximum brightness levels, and then on a much lower setting. Of course, the brightness matters, but not much with the Note 3. Compared to the Note 2, it got a full 3 hours more — and over twice as much time as an iPhone 5.


With 3D gaming, the Note 3 once again proved its mettle. At just under 4 hours, the Note 3 trailed only the Optimus GK and Note 2, which beat the Note 3 by a full hour. The devices were tested using the Egypt HD Benchmark from the GL Benchmark suite.

When it comes to web browsing, the Note 3 floundered. With an average time of just under 6 hours, you’d think that AMOLED screen — which uses more power in situations where there is a lot of white on the screen — would be the culprit. Oddly enough, that can’t be said, as the Note 2 once again dominated with nearly 8 hours of web browsing time. The Note 3 was beaten by a host of devices, including the iPhone 5, and LG Optimus G Pro and G2 devices.

The Note 3 is still a wonderful device, but if your main concern is battery life, it may suit you best to find a Note 2 on discount. We’d like to think the Note 3 simply needs some sort of software tweak to rectify these issues, but we won’t know until it sees one.

VIA: Android Authority