NOOKcolor Receives Android 3.0 Honeycomb

January 28, 2011

Ever since we first laid eyes upon NOOKcolor, we knew it'd perform well for the world - once it was rooted, of course. That was a few weeks ago. A couple days ago, an SDK of Android 3.0 Honeycomb was released. Today Honeycomb has been ported to NOOKcolor. What a wonderful system we've got here.

The developer who did this awesome task to project says that he plans on working on graphics acceleration next, to improve performance over the weekend so that Motorola XOOM, the tablet that supposed to be the ship that sails on winds of Honeycombs, might appear to be an ancient artifact by the time it's released. Sounds great!

[Via XDA Developers Forum]

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  • Jay Jayasuriya

    Just what I wanted to hear. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Nook ever since it came out!

  • Ian

    Give this man a round of applause

  • mykie Gunderson

    This gives me a raging semi for the nookColor.

  • Vincent Nguyen

    IMO, processor powering NOOKcolor is nowhere near powerful enough to give users an enjoyable experience.

    • Bandage

      My NookColor runnin @ 1.1ghz Overclocked….faster thaqn my Galaxy S Vibrant!

      • Vincent Nguyen

        That’s impressive! Have you ran quadrant benchmark?

      • Vincent Nguyen

        That’s impressive! Have you ran quadrant benchmark?

      • Anonymous

        My highest score running rooted 2.1 @ 1.1ghz is 1210. Some folks running froyo have broken 1400… not bad for an ereader, eh?

  • Kyle Paddock

    Do you have a link for the SDK download?