Nook Touch hidden browser pulled into the light

June 8, 2011

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Barnes & Noble has one of the cooler eReaders on the market with the Nook Color. That little eReader has turned out to be a fully fledged Android tablet with lots to offer and a world of hacks and mods to play with for users. It seems that the Color isn't the only Nook that has some tricks hiding up its little digital sleeves. A hidden browser on the Nook Touch has been spied. The prospects of surfing the web on a black and white screen might not seem that appealing at first glance.

However, reading a site that is mostly content with little in the way of photos on the Touch would be interesting to many owners. The hidden browser is apparently not working as you would hope it would. The fact that the browser is buggy would be the reason it was hidden away. Users report that the browser is faster and nicer than the K3 browser. One user said that the browser has a series of menus accessed via the icon in the upper right corner of the screen including a page for recent downloads.

The same user reports that while a PDF that was downloaded shows in that list, the file can’t be found. That would mean no downloading of eBooks using the browser. I wonder if anyone might be able to tweak the browser now that it has been found to operate for downloading books.

[via the-digital-reader]

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  • I personally would like an e-ink device that has decent refresh rates as a full tablet or netbook–most of what I do would be find in black and white and my eyes would greatly appreciate the e-ink.