Nokia may have two more Android smartphones after the “Nokia X”

February 21, 2014

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As we get ready for MWC, one of the more highly anticipated announcements comes from Nokia. Not so subtle hints suggest we’ll get an Android smartphone from Nokia this year, but new reports suggest it may not end there. There may be up to three Nokia Android handsets on offer before the close of 2014, with the first coming as soon as May.

The device we’re expecting to see at MWC is the “Nokia X”, a decidedly low-end smartphone running Android. The rumored specs leave quite a bit to be desired (dual core, 512 Mb RAM…), but it may just be the beginning. If the latest on Nokia’s Android ambitions are true, there will be a “XX” and “XXX” to round out the lineup.

The two other Nokia Android devices are said to be linear upgrades in regard to specs. The XX will be a bump from the X, and the XX is likely a top-end powerhouse for the spec nerds out there. We don’t have any details on what the two other devices may offer up, but the XX is said to hit shelves as early as May.

The question right now is “will we see these other two at MWC?” The answer seems to be “nope!”. Nokia, if they’re indeed building the other two handsets, are not ready to bring them around to the public, and aren’t expected to have a private showing either. The names are also internal monikers, and not expected to be final — which is great, because the “XXX” headlines may get us into hot water.

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  • Noel

    Nice to dream of a real powerhouse with top specs Nokia Android device. Instead of the XXX…should be X3 to avoid the obvious thought when u see it mentioned any where

    • Harry_Wild

      I personally would buy this phone for the name it self – “XXX”! LOL!

      • Noel

        Nice way to start a conversation if someone ask what kind of phone is that.

      • Harry_Wild

        The way I see it; Vincent Diesel starred in a movie called “XXX” and “XXX” is an adult movies slang – it pretty cool name. It kind over the top name but for a smartphone model it just right!