Google launched the Nexus 5 last week, and as a result, the official Android site also got a bit of a refresh. In this we are are looking towards the “Apps & Entertainment” page, which when visited, has a father and daughter sitting in an airport with a Nexus 7. But those scrolling down will get a look at something else, something that appears to be an unannounced Nexus tablet.

First thought of hearing that would be the Nexus 10, but the device in question appears to be smaller than 10-inches. It also doesn’t appear to be the Nexus 7. The device details are obviously at a minimum here and we are shifting to a case of pure speculation. But that being said, the tablet does appear to have a small bezel running around the display and it also appears to be running Kit Kat.

Thought here is that Google has shown a Nexus 8 tablet. This isn’t the first time Google quietly revealed a device without explanation. If you remember back, we first saw the Nexus 5 in a video released by Google. The hope here is that Google has done the same with a Nexus 8 tablet. Though, if an 8-inch Nexus tablet is coming, where does that leave the Nexus 10?

This brings plenty of question, but it could be a case of Google shifting to a three tablet strategy. A Nexus 7, Nexus 8 and Nexus 10. And in an attempt to connect the dots here, an 8-inch tablet would fit. After all, we did see the LG-V510 tablet appear in a Bluetooth SIG filing about a week ago. Bottom line here, it looks like details of the Nexus 8 are slowly beginning to surface.

VIA: ars technica, The Verge

  • Blucose

    That’s for sure just a 2013 nexus 7, where they badly overlayed a screenshot I n Photoshop, making the bezels and screen proportion akll out of whack…

  • NachoKingP

    That truly looks like a Nexus 7, look at it compared to the Nexus 7 shots on the play store. The bodies are identical, the only difference is the bezel thickness. Maybe an early prototype, or as Blucose said, a bad photoshop job.

  • shadyguy

    Doesn’t make sense. a smartphone, a 7″ and a 10″. possibly a smartwatch at next year’s Google I/O, and a new Nexus 10.

  • JCB

    I, for one, would be interested in an 8 inch version. 10 inch is too heavy for long reading sessions and 7 inch tablets are always wide screen and I much prefer the squarer format of a 4:3 screen. However being Nexus it wouldn’t have a slot for an SD card, so I’ll cross it off my future update list now. I’m on my second cheapo 1024×768 8 inch tablet (went from single core to dual core). Now looking for something with a higher resolution, perhaps similar to the iPad Mini retina. Don’t want an iPad but perhaps someone will build an Android I like around the same screen panel and a quad core CPU and lots of memory.

  • evleaks

    Picture of nexus 8 and nexus 7

    • evleaks


      • Nexus note

        Isn’t that just a sony xperia z ultra and a nexus 7 2013

      • jclgan

        Can’t be. Else, someone would have had to have removed the Sony logo on the top bezel, the chrome trim from the sides and hardware buttons, and then shifted the position of the front camera and sensors. evleaks’s photo looks more legit that the Google page, which does admittedly look like a bad photos hop job of the screen.

  • Nexus note

    Did anyone notice the stylus?

  • Skeptical

    Old nexus 7?

  • Looks like a simulated screen image photo shopped onto the Nexus 7 for the purpose of creating a marketing image.

  • Right

    Looks like the exact same size shell as new nexus 7 but with bigger screen. So either Google decided to make the nexus 7 have severely smaller bezels in the same size or they photo shopped a nexus 7 for some strange reason. However, it could be in fact a real device, but that would be severely stupid because that would undermine the financial success and basically make the nexus 7 pointless to buy.

    • Anthony Tarantino

      Plenty of companies make 7″ and 8″ tablets. It all depends on the price. Google could drop the price of the Nexus 7 ($150) and release this new tablet at $230.

      • mxfi

        No way that’s going to happen, the screen alone is worth 115

  • Nick V

    Google will either have to go to 8″ and 10″, dropping the 7, or they will begin to kill sales on one or the other,. I think that 8 and 10 are the best options, especially when reading, the 8″ is superb.

  • evleaks

    I see.