Nexus 4 stock returns at T-Mobile, but with a $400 price tag

December 5, 2012

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It's no secret that the Nexus 4 is a hot item. Google Play is selling out of them faster than they can make them. T-Mobile sold out of its initial stock in just a matter of hours, and then it restocked and sold out of that almost as quickly. Well now the phone is back in stock again, but something immediately stands out as being different from the previous listings on T-Mobile.

It seems that T-Mobile is trying to capitalize on the high demand for the device by raising the price substantially. The subsidized price of the device on T-Mobile's website is now listed at $399.99. That's $50 more than Google is charging for the device with no contract. That makes it a tough sell for T-Mobile, with the only saving grace being the fact that Google cannot keep the device in stock at all.

Hopefully, this is a typo on T-Mobile's part that will be fixed, but that seems unlikely. More than likely, T-Mobile realized that buyers are willing to pay a premium to get the device now. Time will tell if the stock keeps moving at the same speed as it did before at this new price. It seems likely that many buyers would be turned off by this new , much higher price tag.

One thing to note is that there is a link that says, "Already a T-Mobile customer? Log in to see your price." Perhaps existing customers will be able to get a lower, more reasonable price for the popular device. Feel free to check in and try for yourself (and good luck), since new contract prices are typically lower than prices for existing customers.

[via T-Mobile]

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  • you think thats bad…hear in the uk O2 are selling the nexus 4 for £400 pay as you go lmfao thats almost double the price!

  • Mark Shryock

    When you log in and select upgrade, it is $200

    • YeP

      But it’s at 399 for new customers which I thought they wanted to attract

  • Chris Martin

    When I login, the Nexus is not available to me at all. This is on the non-subsidized plan

    • abbe

      same here

  • YeP

    Another example of idiotic marketing and management at magenta. T-Mobile is so stupid. Gouge customers during the holiday season… And try to promote yourself as a value brand and yet at every turn they keep selling devices at higher prices than competitors. I don’t get I it but am glad I left.

  • ezz abdel

    Its not a mistake tmobile is charging 506.00 with taxes even with upgrade I tried online I tried through customer service they are trying to take advantage of a hot item and just freakin lost themselves a upgrade because I won’t renew at that price. Bastards.

  • Ray

    OMG. lol

    T-Mobile is crazy!!!

  • Todd_the_Hunn

    I’m a old time TMO EM+ customer . My price is 499.99 ; ) Honest . You can’t make this stuff up .

  • deepsea43

    is this the 8GB version or the 16GB version ?? which was already $399 ??

  • Peet

    I bought one for $199 from T-mobile today.

  • Zach

    For current tmobile customer and eligible for an upgrade, $200. First time it has been available for upgrade since launch.

  • dkgcb

    I would not pay for it more if my life depended on it.

  • I just got mine for $200. Should I cancel my 16gb on the way from google or should I keep the order and sell it?