To call the Nexus 4 illusive would be an understatement. It sold out on Google Play in less than 30 minutes. T-Mobile also ran out of the device rather quickly. Users looking to get their hands on a device have certainly faced some difficultly, but it looks like Google is getting things sorted out, as the device is finally finding itself in stock again.

First, we have T-Mobile, which has the device in stock again. T-Mobile is charging $199 with a two-year agreement, which most users find to be a little high when compared to Google’s price without a contract. Still, for T-Mobile customers, at least they can actually get the phone until it inevitably runs out of stock again.

In addition to T-Mobile getting the Nexus 4 in stock again, Google will also have it available again on Google Play. It will go on sale on Google Play at 12PM PST. That’s 3PM Eastern Time for those who don’t want to do conversions. If you’ve been waiting to get a Nexus 4 at Google’s crazy unlocked price, set your clock for noon PST and get ready.

Nexus 4 will be available for purchase later today! Order yours from Google Play starting today, November 27 at 12:00 noon PST (U.S. only).

The Nexus 4 is $299 for the 8GB model, which is just crazy for a high-end Android device with no contract. Obviously, that’s why the phone sold out in only a matter of minutes. Hopefully Google has enough in stock to meet the demand this time. As always, we will keep you posted and let you know how the restock at noon PST shakes out.

  • Al

    It only appears to be available for new customers. I am an existing customer and want to upgrade my line but there is no option for that. Even called T-Mobile and they confirmed.

    • You’d save a lot of money if you bought it for $350 from Google and switched to a Value plan. If you’re willing to pay out of pocket for your phone, you can get a significantly cheaper monthly plan that will more than make up the up-front cost difference.

  • I just got the Droid DNA, but am keeping it clean in case I decide to change over to the Nexus 4 in the next 14 days. That glass back has me nervous, though.

    BTW — I’m sure that you meant to write elusive, not illusive (edited to stand corrected by Cory), in the first sentence.

  • Jeremy

    I also not able to upgrade to the Nexus 4. It shows up for new customers (standard t-mobile), but does not appear on the upgrade page (my-tmobile). They are definitely reserving their stash of Nexus 4s for new customers only. Thanks for not supporting your existing customers T-Mobile!

    BTW, it would be cheaper to stay with my existing (grandfathered) plan at $50/month with unlimited data then it would be to buy the phone from google and switch to the value plan. That is the main reason people would prefer to upgrade (also, in theory we would get the phone cheaper with upgrade than a new user).

  • MyButtHurts

    To Dave LeClair

    Your headline should read ….

    Nexus 4 back in stock FOR NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY at T-Mobile and returning to Google Play at noon PST

    Side note. Nobody cares about PST time ….change it to east coast time!!! :o)

  • and those sold out fast…

  • Mike

    I’ve been hanging on to my G2 forever waiting for t-mobile to make the nexus available….but I can’t upgrade to it. Sheesh. So I’m wondering with a family plan (I do have the old unlimited data grandfathered on my phone) is it worth getting the google one for $350? Why can’t they make this easy and support their existing customers better?