Today is the day that many were hoping to get their hands on, or at least purchase a shiny new LG Nexus 4 from the folks at Google. Available just about 40 minutes ago in the US was the LG Nexus 4 and the Samsung Nexus 10 tablets running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. We’re not sure if this is good news, or bad, but the LG Nexus 4 has already sold out in both 8 and 16GB options.

If you were looking to get your hands on the latest and greatest quad-core device from LG and Google — better luck next time. It looks like the anticipation and excitement for the device was far higher than Google expected, that or they’ll probably be adding it back to being “In Stock” later this week to keep the process and shipping going smoothly. The device is back to being listed as “coming soon” but doesn’t say sold out. So stay tuned.

Update: Stock is trickling in and appearing at random. Terrible system, I know, but keep trying for those interested.

This shows just how far Google still needs to go in terms of offering devices online in their own Play Store. Clearly 24 minutes for the 16GB model and only 26 minutes for the 8GB model wasn’t long enough. Either Google and LG didn’t have very many devices in stock — or these awesome smartphones are selling like hot cakes. In the UK earlier this morning the same situation appeared and they sold out in around 30 minutes too.

We heard multiple reports that the Play Store system went down, and many users were having issues adding the devices to their cart and actually purchasing the Nexus 4. For those that did, enjoy. For those that missed out don’t worry, as they’ll probably be back later today or by the end of the week. Don’t forget you can also get the LG Nexus 4 straight from T-Mobile too.

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  1. It looks like Google pulled the apple move here and screwed over their (potential) customers. No pre-orders. Were completely vague about the time of sale, until the date of sale, then told those that called customer service a 9am PST time. They then actually placed the items on sale around 8:35am PST, causing a frenzy that they knew they under-stocked for. Not to mention knowing that their site would not handle the load, and would continue the online frenzy thru social media for days.

    I really wish these companies would stop with this game play and just sell us the products we all know they have in stock. Even if they aren’t in stock, why not take pre-orders?

    • no way, almost 1 hour after google even confirmed they are out? I couln’t even place an order even though I was there the second they “allegedly” came out!

      • Well i got my confirmation and everything: “Thank you. Your order has been placed, and you will receive an email shortly with the details of your purchase”

      • Google didn’t confirm US was out. I got off the phone with a rep who said there are difficulties with the Play Store.and to keep checking. Then again she could’ve been lying to me as well, but if that’s the case it’s terrible customer service.

  2. I still haven’t gotten an email notifying me that it went sale in Canada yet. I’ve been checked every 30 min.

    Anyone have any additional info on sale times in Canada?

    • We had the same release time as the US. I luckily was able to buy one but it took several tries since it kept emptying my cart randomly

  3. Simply ridiculous the way that Google Play began selling the Nexus 4. After seeing the items simply disappeared from my basket, I’ll have to wait to be able to try to buy the items again.
    Only error message appears when processing the request and does not close the application.
    Totally absurd a company like Google provide such a service.
    I’ll buy an iphone 5. At least the Apple site WORKS

  4. Wow, I wonder if there were actual brick and mortor google stores would there be apple iphone like long lines? they should have allowed pre-ordering, then they would have had some idea on supply and demand

  5. FYI.. about 10 minutes ago i was able to order the 16gb model. you gotta keep refreshing… i kept going to main site… then hitting all the nexus 4 links and suddenly i get IN STOCK. ADD TO CART. I click add to cart. i get an error. it then goes back to NOTIFY ME. I keep refreshing etc… until i get ADD TO CART again… eventually it worked and i got order confirmation and email confirmation. Be persistent. Google might be trying to slow orders down cause of server overload… who knows… like is said. i just ordered mine 10 minutes ago. it is 1:30pm est time USA.

  6. It’s crazy how it takes 3-5 days for shipping from Google but I’m gonna grab mine from T-Mobile tomorrow first thing in the AM (knock on wood literally)

    • I’ll be using a tmobile sim I got for 99 cents from the tmobile site, but I’ll be activating the unlimited data plan with 100 cell minutes for $30 directly with I’ll use Groove IP and Google Voice for calls (I’ll port my current cell phone number over to Google Voice, so I keep the same number as far as the rest of the world is concerned).

      I don’t see where it makes sense to get $100 off the phone for the difference in service cost over 2 years. Does not compute.

    • Why is that crazy? Google ships from a few locations… Shipping takes a few days usually. If ten people show up to t-mo before you and they don’t have any more phones, you will be wishing you ordered from Google directly. Also,you will either pay a lot more for the phone, or be locked into a two year agreement with t-mo. I would not want either of those things.

      • Wishing nothing homie it was a ghost town at my T-Mobile that has em I am shocked there’s no overnight option from the Play Store the Nexus 4 is so much lighter and thinner than the GN screen is wider also

  7. They are trickling in still because of the orders that Google is canceling. You know, the ones that ordered 10 phones at one time to sell on Ebay.

    • I was waiting for the 9am supposed time, saw comments on Google Plus that people were scoring as of 8:33. Scored mine by 8:34.

      Having set up Google Wallet the night before, I went straight to the Nexus 4 page and managed to complete the purchase in under 10 seconds. I wisely passed on the bumper, I went back a few minutes later to investigate a separate bumper purchase, never got the transaction to complete.

      I can live a few weeks without the bumper, I glad I didn’t get distracted and miss out on the phone.

  8. I realize the draw of a Nexus device – first updates, success of the Nexus 7, etc., but isn’t it kind of pathetic that Google’s flagship Android Phone isn’t LTE? And it still sells out in 24 min (of course who knows what the number of orders actually was?) Lack of LTE and this popular? Astonishing. Seems like the HTC One X *PLUS* – also just released today at AT&T for pre-order would be the better choice overall? But maybe Google has a chance to build brand loyalty to NEXUS like Apple has to iDevices to the point people are paying $1000+ for a Nexus phone without contract like thay are for an iPhone 5. If someone asked me a year ago if people would pay $1000 for a smartphone, I’d say they need to see a psychiatrist.

    • I would never consider buying any smartphone for $1000.

      Bought a 16gb model for $388 all in, that’s right about my limit.

      It’s a phone dammit, I’m in front of the computer all day long anyhow.

      More than that, I’ll be getting the TMobile BYOD plan for $30. The plan was to reduce my bill as well as getting a nicer phone.


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