Today is the day that many were hoping to get their hands on, or at least purchase a shiny new LG Nexus 4 from the folks at Google. Available just about 40 minutes ago in the US was the LG Nexus 4 and the Samsung Nexus 10 tablets running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. We’re not sure if this is good news, or bad, but the LG Nexus 4 has already sold out in both 8 and 16GB options.

If you were looking to get your hands on the latest and greatest quad-core device from LG and Google — better luck next time. It looks like the anticipation and excitement for the device was far higher than Google expected, that or they’ll probably be adding it back to being “In Stock” later this week to keep the process and shipping going smoothly. The device is back to being listed as “coming soon” but doesn’t say sold out. So stay tuned.

Update: Stock is trickling in and appearing at random. Terrible system, I know, but keep trying for those interested.

This shows just how far Google still needs to go in terms of offering devices online in their own Play Store. Clearly 24 minutes for the 16GB model and only 26 minutes for the 8GB model wasn’t long enough. Either Google and LG didn’t have very many devices in stock — or these awesome smartphones are selling like hot cakes. In the UK earlier this morning the same situation appeared and they sold out in around 30 minutes too.

We heard multiple reports that the Play Store system went down, and many users were having issues adding the devices to their cart and actually purchasing the Nexus 4. For those that did, enjoy. For those that missed out don’t worry, as they’ll probably be back later today or by the end of the week. Don’t forget you can also get the LG Nexus 4 straight from T-Mobile too.

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