Motorola’s not so popular Motorola Xoom tablet received Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich back in January so we can rule that out for this impending update. Like usual, Motorola is sending out emails for their soak test update that is coming soon for the Xoom. We don’t have any details yet but its possible the Xoom will receive Android 4.0.5 in the coming weeks.

Now most likely this is a small bug fix type of update coming from Motorola and going out privately to their feedback networks. Something major like Android 4.0.5 like we’ve seen rumored lately would probably be pushed directly from Google in a more controlled manner.

This update is slated for the WiFi Xoom only at this time and will be available to a few lucky members of the Motorola Feedback network. If you’ve received updates from them in the past you’ll probably get this too. As usual feel free to shout off in the comments below once you see the update as we’d love to see or hear what all it includes. Maybe this will prep the Xoom for the 4.0.5 update that is rumored to be here in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more info.

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[via Droid-Life]

  • greenlink23

    if this is true then moto hasn’t changed (like they have said) cause only the US Xooms have 4.0.3 while the rest of the world is still stuck on 3.2

  • chefgon

    Still sitting on 3.2 with my Verizon Xoom. It’ll probably be on 3.2 forever. I hate Verizon so much.

  • Pwalton72

    Update? On my wifi still on 3.2. font think ill buy Moto again

    • Walker Debbie64

      Huh. I just updated to version 4.0.4 about a month ago…go to the website to download update.

  • Joseph Ferreira

    You bought a google experience device.
    Downloads inside the us come from google and not motorola.

    It is not motorola’s fault that users outside the us don’t have ics.
    it is your carriers and international laws.

    fastboot oem unlockthen go to xda 
    and download the team eos 4g nightly rom.

  • Dear Moto,
    Remember that Super Bowl commercial? The LTE Xoom has become one of those drones. Fix it.
    Sincerely, Done with you. 

  • iliketea

    will 16g xoom ever get an update???

  • iliketea

    will 16g xoom ever get an update???

  • Farli

    Motorola & Google’s lack of a coherent update process for their non-wifi Xooms has insured that my Xoom is the LAST Motorola product I will ever purchase.

    P*ssed in Phoenix

  • JkeepinitReal

    My wifi Xoom updated to ics back in Jan. Still love my xoom & only use my laptop to work remotely.

  • Walker Debbie64

    I don’t understand why everybody complains about the Xoom. Mine is permently attached to me…seriously. I use it for everything…games, weather and aerial maps to plan hunting trips; shopping list, journal, day planner, camera (takes awsome pics) calculator, wifi, watching shows and movies on my tablet, reading e-books, note taking and poetry in progress, downloading and listening to music (I can use my earphone jack into my car stereo, and listen to music of my choice clearly, instead of a scratchy CD). Very few glitches on my end, and rebooting always fixes the glitch. My husband threatened to hide it from me because I always have it I my hand or near me…I even “sleep” with it near me to listen to my downloads or Pandora. What’s all the griping about? Of all my friends that have various brands of tablets, it seems they are always complaining about glitching and freezes…a lot more than I have. Get over it, people…you have a tablet…not a desktop, not a laptop…more like a hybrid of a smart phone and laptop. On my part, I LOVE my Xoom, and show it off frequently.