Great news! And yes it’s actually true although we’ve heard Motorola sing this tune before. Today they’ve announced that starting with their new Motorola PHOTON Q they’ll be unlocking bootloaders. On a very brief Blog post Motorola outlines that they’ll also offer this to other devices in the future too — but who knows how long that will take. We can probably all thank Google for this too.

Motorola has been the target of heavy criticism with regards to bootloaders on their smartphones, and it looks like that Google acquisition is finally doing some good. Unlocking the bootloader to allow developers full access to devices has been a large burden as of late. Motorola has remained tight on this front (probably because of Verizon) but are ready to come clean and join HTC and ASUS.

For months now we’ve been working closely with our developers and carrier partners to provide users a way to to unlock the bootloader on their Motorola Mobility device while keeping the networks secure and satisfying carriers’ requirements. And we’ve finally found a solution.

Most likely this will be some sort of unlock tool similar to HTC and ASUS’ current implementation. Hopefully Moto doesn’t screw it up though. They don’t reveal any details and only mention that the PHOTON Q announced this morning will be the first to enjoy this treatment. They then mention “Other products will have this option too in the future.” And that is as far as they went.

This is great news and we’ll surely be looking for more details. Who’s excited to fully enjoy Motorola’s hardware in the future?

  • Captain_Doug

    Motorola is now finally an option for me. That’s kinda nice.

  • master94

    When I read the title of Moto unlocking bootloader I thought it was a joke at first.

    • haha right! That is why I said for real this time, otherwise no one would believe it

  • Bob Royston

    Hopefully soon I want some of that Jelly Bean Flavored CM10!!!!!!

    • K

      Just Safestrap and install. If you don’t like it, go back. I couldn’t get data to work, so I went back to ICS.

    • K

      Just Safestrap and install. If you don’t like it, go back. I couldn’t get data to work, so I went back to ICS.

  • Yeah, right. How come it’s starting with the Moto Q? Why not ALL phones? Why not the RAZR Developer Edition? I guess we wait and see but I’m not holding my breath because Moto has promised before and has always failed to deliver.

    • smokey

      Coz i think it just their words by in the end always promise n promise until new devices comes out.. and keep say the same words..

  • epikvision

    And the Android enthusiasts will roar.

  • Too late, I was a sucker with the Droid X2, now I’m a Samsung S3 owner. Who coincidentally screwed me via Verizon.

  • Anon

    If motorola dnt unlock defy plus BL thn sure i will never ever buy a motorola phn agn.. rather will move to samsung galaxy series…