Motorola DROID RAZR update leaks, available now

January 23, 2012

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An next official build of the Motorola DROID RAZR has leaked, and it is available now for download. Of course, it hasn't been released by Motorola officially. Now at Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread), your device will be upgraded to 2.3.6. There are a few significant changes in this build, and an LTE radio update will probably be the reason most update now opposed to waiting for a push.

Also updated will be Motorola's very own user interface, Motoblur. It will add a few applications such as Moto Car Finder and a few other enhancements you early adopters will have to tell us about. To go through with the update, download this file and place it on your external SD card. Placing it on the external card is EXTREMELY important.

After the file is placed in the proper spot, go ahead and turn off your RAZR. Press both volume keys in and then the power button. Once in recovery, press both volume keys at the same time again. Look for the file you just downloaded on the external card, and select to install it. Select to "Reboot System Now" after the installation, and your RAZR should be running 2.3.6. For those of you brave enough to give this a try, let us know if this worked for you.

Do note: This will remove root.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  • Guest

    just updated and works does remove root access btw

    • Noah Dropkin

      how do you re install root access?

  • Kyle

    Ive gotten into the recovery. found install update from sdcard and found the folder… now what?

    • Kyle

      Nevermind, I pre-unzipped the file. Now I know not to do that

  • Jonesstephanie90

    Does anyone know how to root before update??? Without pc??

    • You don’t root BEFORE the update because the update will kill root. You do it after!

  • Sulli03b

    I’m new to Android. What exactly is “root”??

  • Tommyleeruiz

    this update works great i’ve been runing for a few weeks now.

  • Karl

    The only new apps I recognize are MOG Music and Emergency Alerts. I guess it would be cool to get a notification that a zombie apocalypse is starting. There’s a Slingbox app. I’m not sure if that was already there or not though. I know I didn’t install it.

  • Ryryrocks1

    Just did it…so far seems slightly better..nothing real special

  • Elpidos

    Do you know if after this update the phone is still available for auto updates from Verizon?

  • Ttressler16823

    help!!! I have no GUI….

  • Rofl

    Works fine here too. Confirmed 2.3.6 is installed

  • Papiykaren

    is for gsm or ??’

  • Ralph

    I just read there’s a 3500mah Lith-Ion after market battery that will fit the Non Maxx Razr and still be very very thin with a new back making it a flush thin back and instructions on how to install it. and a 5000mah battery for the droid maxx that will only add 1mm to its thickness, making it just 10mm thin. Both will be offered in aftermarket cases also. So quit crying about getting ripped by buying the old razor first, it seems  your prayers are answered.

  • Agj1989

    I tired the install but once I did all the steps it said the install was aborted for some file signature thing?