To be honest, this shouldn’t be a surprise. The Galaxy Nexus was postponed for more than a month, and we all figured the Motorola DROID 4 wouldn’t see a pre-holiday release 3 days before Christmas. It was rumored we may see the device tomorrow, but evidence was still thin. Now we have some concrete info from a Verizon document stating a February 2, 2012 launch date.

It’s much better that the device has been pushed a few months, rather than every couple of days like the recent Galaxy Nexus LTE. This way, consumers that need a phone in the very near future should count on the DROID 4 as a possible candidate. I’m sure many OG DROID owners that are now eligible for a 2-year upgrade are furious, and may be forced to wait it out. QWERTY lovers are hard to convert.

The DROID 4 will most definitely ship with Android 4.0 by February, and if it doesn’t then remember to call me out on it. Like all information found through leaked documents or emails, they are subject to change. It could see store shelves earlier than predicted, but in the end – Verizon should take all the time they need to iron out all of the bugs. There is nothing worse than hyping up a device, just to find out there’s something wrong with it a few days later.

[via Phandroid]

  • Becky Sibio

    AAAGGGGHHHh! 1 more month!

    • bunty and bubbly

      1.5 months… awee…

      • X102177

        By the ime Droid 4 is released there will be leaks of the Droid 5 with 2 GB RAM 3D screen and a even better keyboard upgrade then what the 4bad has.
        I want to build my own droid, does anyone have A. Skywalker on speed dial?

  • Anonymous

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  • Photocyclist58

    I may not want it then. It will probable be of my radar. All the journalistic baiting had me ready now. I’ve the original Droid and the Droid 4 was the perfect upgrade. I’ll just throw it on the back burner.


      Same situation. But I’m for sure waiting.
      The D2, D2Global, and D3 were all filler phones, there just weren’t enough upgrades from phone to phone to bring back that insatiable want that the OG Droid had when it debuted. This has everything that the phone needed in terms of an upgrade. This should’ve been the Droid 2.

      • droid 3 was upgrade i think droid 2 wasnt .

  • okay, then we need to wait again reminds me on the milestone story waiting waiting..

  • POd VZW Customer

    Feb?  Awe F**k!

  • Anonymous

    Funny how it’s called CONCRETE evidence, when I remember seeing a similar document saying it was being released December 8.  Verizon needs to stop the BS, pick a date and stick with it.

  • HowdyKris

    Only problem is, a February release date may lead us to the same problem we saw with the Bionic/Razr release dates.  I would imagine that there are other Motorola phones slated for a Q1/early Q2 release with at least that level of specs, if not stronger.

  • Zaid

    This constant tease of it will come out soon is very annoying. My OG Droid has served me well but it is very old now. By the looks of things, Droid 4 will have outdated specs by the time it is released.
    Im so upset I want get an iPhone just out of spite.

    • Motorgrrl

      Nah…With all the hype about Android 4.0, Motorola no doubt pulled back the Droid 4 to load and test this new upgrade.  Nothing wrong with wanting to do it right.  I’m just happy about the leaks.  Otherwise, I would have purchased the Samsung Stratosphere, only to be disappointed later.

    • Sam

      I’m right there with ya Zaid, my Droid 1 is getting really slow and running out of space even with Cyanogenmod flashed on it. 

      I hope they don’t release it with ICS (4.0) on it, I tried the Galaxy Nexus (which I thought I wanted) and found the lack of permanent buttons rather obtuse and a step backwards in my opinion. The menu and search locations jumping around depending on the screen you’re in was really annoying. Plus I’m still not convinced I can go non-physical keyboard. All touch seems more clunky.

      But that leaves us with the Samsung Stratosphere as the only LTE qwerty phone on VZW right now, and with the disappointing specs on it, I can’t even think about signing up to be stuck with it for two years.

  • Blksaxguy83

    This is why I never pay attention to RUMORED Release Dates!, If I don’t hear it from Verizon, I don’t pay attention

  • Calvin Taylor

    Goddamn this is all I wanted for Christmas! Now what….! XD

  • Corbation

    Hope they can re-purpose the CAPS LOCK key to something useful in this month and a half they have, though I doubt it’s possible

  • Craig

    Hopefully it won’t be like the Bionic, which experienced tons of poor reviews until they updated it later. Maybe Motorola or Verizon learned a lesson there. We all want it NOW. We also want it to work out of the box. Hmmm. Been waiting months already. Nexus didn’t do it for me. I guess I can wait another 5 weeks. Boogers!

    • Diana

      I have been consdering the Nexus.  What did you not likek?

  • The market is oversaturated with slate phones. We really could use some high end sliders!

  • Igiveup

    Motorola Jet and Bullet….

  • a guy

    wondering when it will come out in canada

  • Anonymous

    will i be able to get it unlocked?