For those that love Android (you all should) and also want a hardware keyboard on your phone, it looks like your next device has just been leaked to the interwebs, again. The Motorola Droid 3 was recently discovered by a few over at howardforums to be coming soon along with the Droid X2, and an unknown device called the Motorola Targa. You can read all about the first leak here.

Beautiful, is that a 5 row qwerty keyboard we are seeing, I think it is. For those that are wondering the Droid and Droid 2 had 4 rows and shared the top row with numbers and a shift key was needed. This will make things much easier and smoother. Looks to almost be the perfect phone. Pair that with some juicy details that a famous Verizon Engineer mentioned on twitter about it being “Dual Core, Android 2.4, Better Keyboard, and no BLUR”, it just might end up being the perfect phone after all. Picture of that tweet is below.

Also if you look closely at the main picture above, you can see two ports on the side. I smell HDMI out next to the micro USB charging port. I don’t know about you guys, but if this really comes “without” BLUR, that would be awesome. It would be a stock Google Experience device like the original Droid, and a quick one at that. We sure hope to hear more about this device in the coming weeks. Hopefully we get details on screen resolution, OMAP 4/5 CPU, and more. When this information does drop be sure to check out AndroidCommunity for all the information.

[via Howard Forums]

  • Tell you honestly. A separate row for numbers and no Blur could cause me to upgrade early, even if I have to pay a lot because my contract isn’t up yet.

  • wattseb

    Blur isn’t really that bad once you install launcherpro…its more like free widgets …

  • Djstar2k2

    umm dont get ur hopes up if you look at the captive buttons thats blur style

  • Djstar2k2

    umm dont get ur hopes up if you look at the captive buttons thats blur style

  • JoeD

    As long as Motorola has *Finally* given us a keypad you can TYPE on and doesn’t feel like a spongy membrane-switch, I’ll be happy. How hard is it to give us keys that feel well-defined from one another and have a positive “click” to them? I mean, Jesus… I was able to type faster my old BlackBerry Curve 8330 than on any new Android smartphone that’s come along in the past two years – physical keypad or not.
    Anyhow – trying not to hate. Maybe it’ll be wonderful. I hope so, as the Droid 1and 2 left me underwhelmed for real texting or emailing.

  • Anonymous

    The design gets worse and worse with each iteration… just stick with the original Droid design its not hard moto.

    • I personally think that the DROID 3 design (if it is) finally beats the original Droid…DROID 2 was awful in a lot of ways…but this looks sick…if would be a deal breaker if they shaved some mm off the thickness tho…12mm and down PLEAASE!!!! that translates to rougly about .48?

  • Joansiemail

    Turn theDroid 3 into a 4.3 screen and ill buy 5!

  • Ahoyy moto peepers. Me thinks we need to nix the nasty little lip at the bottom of the Droid 3, chyeaa? Am I asking too much for a piqueno more screen to give the front that goodie flat look??

  • Anonymous

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  • Caddyshack75

    ” Looks to almost be the perfect phone”  — You can’t call it anywhere NEAR that, without 4G.