Motorola CEO Blames Device Returns on Android Market, Looks to MOTOBLUR to Mend

June 3, 2011

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It appears that the reason why 70-percent of all returned Motorola devices the company is aware of are the result of applications that have affected usability, that's what Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha noted during a webcast of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology conference. These 3rd party apps coming in throughout he Android Market have resulted in a less then optimized experience, noted Jha, Google's approach on apps, he said, is basically sub-bar and is definitely a problem.

“For power consumption and CPU use, those apps are not tested,” Jha said at the conference, “We’re beginning to understand the impact that has.” The process an app must go through to be accepted in the Google's official Android Market is very hands-off when compared to the rigorous testing an app must go through to be accepted to, for example, the Apple Appstore. Google relies on reports from users and reviews from downloaders of said apps to make sure malicious apps aren't spread too vigorously.

What Jha says Motorola is turning to instead is their custom user interface over Android: MOTOBLUR. While this system was once just a tweak here or there as well as a social networking aggregator, it's now evolving into a virtual representation of what Jha is warning against. What MOTOBLUR is set to do now is gather feedback on what users are doing, what apps they are downloading and, most importantly, which titles are causing problems.

Is this something you'd be excited about, users? Jha noted that the MOTOBLUR of the future will be able to warn users of how harshly an app will affect your battery, giving you more insight as to how an app will affect your device before you even install it. Will this and other similar perks be able to convince the public not to root their phones just to get rid of what they consider a useless modification to their pure Android system? We shall see. You can access the full webcast containing the quotes above by heading over to Veracast.

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  • In complete compliance to Corporate Amerca guidelines…

  • In complete compliance to Corporate Amerca guidelines…

  • Pantera1114

    Maybe he should realize that the issue is Motoblur itself.  It has been a crap UI since the beginning, granted it has gotten better it still is crap.  I really am liking the Droid 3 but if it does come with Motoblur I really will be thinking twice if I want to get that phone, and if I do it will most likely be getting rooted.

  • See, the real reason people return Motorola devices because motoblur sucks. I will never, ever own Motorola phone for that reason alone.

  • N Rivera0907

    I think the real reason people return motorolla phones is because of the Android version they come with and the fact that they are made with poor materials. Has anyone ever held a Droid X? It sucks. And so does every other plastic pos Droid they have made so far. Motorolla ruined their market share with the razor. I wish Google Android would drop them already. The nerve they have blaming apps. The fact is HTC and samsung make better more appealing phones.

    • Rdrage73

      Uhhh The Razor phones were Motorolas best selling phone ever. And it’s apparent that Android does not do extensive testing for apps. There are so mnay apps that simply do not work or are total resource hogs.
      HTC does make great phones. Samsung however just makes phones with very nice displays. They are underpowered, bloated and the battery doesn’t last over 5 hours. Aside from that and the fact that they are slow with fixes and updates, yes they make good stuff… if  all you do is hold it.

  • Marcelo Burrieza

    People like the last version of Android, not Motoblur on Android 2.1 or 2.2. Get rid of this Blur crap, get your people to update Android faster, support phones at least for 2 years and people will not return your phones. Most of them have good build quality, but the sofware is at least sub-par

    • Rdrage73

      UNless you root the phone, all phones,except Nexus, come with a UI from each manufacturer. Motoblur, Sense, Touchwiz

  • Fhb

    Actually Moto has two versions on their phones, a motoblur version and a deblur version which only contains the Blur home launcher but not the rest of the bloatware. Deblur version is more responsive, lags less, consumes less power, so deblured Moto phones are better than Blur phones. That’s all ’bout blur, mr. Jha…

    • Djstar2k2

      what phones do u refer to?

  • I actually really like the idea, but one the same token, I think Motorola needs to step up their Motoblur. Right now it’s a piece of junk with a ton of bloated crap added. Remove all of this and remove the lag, and then we’re talking about something I would probably not remove. I wouldn’t mind having Motoblur tell me if what I’m about to install is going to destroy my phone.



    Proud owner of a (now unused) Motorola Cliq w/MOTOBLUR.

    Holy crap, I needed a good laugh today. Thanks for the post. Whoowee. Just about peed my pants.

    Sanjay Jha is a rock star and will go far in the business world.

    Last wonderful quote that came from him was something to the effect of “I don’t know why anyone would want a front facing camera”