Motorola has confirmed some rather sad news this weekend regarding a few of their popular smartphones. Most surprising is the Atrix 4G, being their first dual-core Gingerbread smartphone and all. Motorola just outed the sad news that the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (or Jelly Bean for that matter) will not be coming to multiple smartphones — trashing their earlier promises.

Some of their popular smartphones such as the Motorola Atrix 4G, PHOTON 4G, and ELECTRIFY all will not see an update to the frozen Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. All three devices are highly powerful NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core handsets that are more than capable — but oh well we suppose.

Last week Motorola revised their update timeline schedule, stating many older devices would not receive the update but they simply had the Atrix 4G and others listed above as “further plans coming soon.” I guess the quick decision to not support them was an easy one because now they’ve changed them to a status of Gingerbread — but they’ll still get maintenance and security updates.

Motorola recently stated any users device from 2012 that doesn’t see Jelly Bean by the end of the year will get a $100 credit towards a new phone — sadly it appears all of these smartphones are from 2011 and don’t apply. Punit Soni, the new software VP at Motorola stated all of this sad news in a forum post. It’s safe to say if you have an Atrix 4G, PHOTON 4G, or ELECTRIFY it’s time you start looking for custom ROMs. Oh wait, the bootloaders are locked too.

We’re all hoping for some major changes now that Google owns Motorola, but so far things are iffy. If we could just get unlocked bootloaders and stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean — I’m sure many would be happy.

  • Glad i have the ATRIX 2

  • So by that logic Moto Logic the original Droid Razr is stuck with ICS….since it is a 2011 phone……F you MOTO!

    • Dan

      Reading your reply made me feel much better. No offence, but true.

  • My Apologies to those who will never know anything aside from gingerbread . do yourselves a favor and never buy a MOTO product ever again….I know I never will.

  • jpilgram

    Yep, this is the reason why I want to trade in my Electrify for a Galaxy S3, go blow yourself Motorola

  • TiamB5

    If they could just provide us with the drivers for Atrix 4g, we already have a Jelly Bean port working fine, just need better drivers to have everything working. The community can do things OEM state is impossible.

  • Daniel Bassett

    This is why the Motorola Photon 4G will be my last Motorola Phone. Galaxy SIII or Note 2 will be in my hand soon.

  • jloram

    Less than a year and Motorola is abandoning my 4G. Motorola is clearly not a company I will deal with in the future. Good will trumps good technology, there’s lots of good technology out there… Good bye Motorola, you’ll have no more of my dollars.

  • Photon4GUser

    Now I am stuck with my Photon 4G Ginger-UpMyButt-bread. No more Motorola phones for me. Hello Note 2 in December

  • Michelle

    Face it, Motorola screwed the Atrix4G owners every way they could. Locked bootloaders, stuck on Gingerbread & no $100, although why anyone would buy another phone from a company who treats their customers like this is beyond me?
    F Off Soni, my next phone(s) will NOT be your company!

  • eric

    Just retired my 4g for a Galaxy based on this news. Goodbye Motorola.

  • eric

    Just retired my 4g for a Galaxy based on this news. Goodbye Motorola.