ViciousMIUI was released for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus only a few days after its initial launch, and since then we’ve been eagerly waiting for developer DroidVicious to release a completely functional MIUI port. Just two days ago, he did just that.

He claims everything works within the new build, and most problems can be fixed with a single one time reboot of the device. The only problem so far, is that MIUI themes seem to not be compatible. Just recently, reports have also show the video camera is opening and hanging – he pledges there will be a fix soon.

Of all the Verizon Galaxy Nexus ROMs, this seems to be the most unique one currently offered. The UI and code is so similar to stock Android 4.0 in other ROMs, that it will be the first to stand out from the rest. If you all plan on flashing this – make sure you wipe everything before installation or you’ll have serious errors.

[via RootzWiki]

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