Samsung-backed Maluuba recently launched on the Google Play Store in U.S. and Canada and now it is making its way to Australia, the U.K., and Ireland. Maluuba is best described as Siri for Android. It features natural voice recognition and many other features that put it right on par with Apple’s offering.

Maluuba accepts voice input from users and is able to initiate and search many third-party services such as Wolfram Alpha, Yelp, Eventful, West World Media, Rotten Tomatoes, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Weather Underground and Wikipedia. It also performs several key system-level functions such as appointments, alarms, and location-based reminders. For Google Calendar users, this app should fit right in, as it integrates heavily with it.

The most notable difference between Maluuba and Siri is that Maluuba does not talk back to users when they input something. All results and requests for the user to follow-up are done through the apps user interface. Some users may prefer this, some may prefer more audio feedback; it’s simply a matter of preference.

Users in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, U.K., and Australia can grab the free application from the Google Play Store. Maluuba has already expanded its data set with data needed to function properly in the new locations, so it should be ready to go for users in all five areas.

[Via TechCrunch]

  • Tim Box

    Must say it works really well!

  • PamalaW

    must say that I really like this app, however it only currently syncs with my main google calendar, and I have 6…. so I’m very impatiently waiting for multi-calendar sync (which I’m told is coming soon hopefully!!)… and then to me it will be much more useful! just IMO

  • rose945

    I’m loving this app. I can finally schedule an appointment with full details without having to enter all info manually

  • rose945

    you can ask things like “Where am I” and it will find you to the exact place……I fell in love with this app…….Must Have People…………Just Try It…………..

  • Gawdzila

    Sounds great!
    To be honest, though, I kind of like the idea of a “personal assistant” app with a voice / personality. I don’t want it more than I want it to be fast and effective mind you, and certainly not enough to buy an iP5 over the phone I *actually* want, but still… maybe they’ll give her a voice in the future 🙂