iPhone to Drown in a Sea of Android devices says analyst

January 3, 2011

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Analyst Jean-Louis Gassee from Allegis Capital has stated that he thinks that if Apple doesn't license the iPhone Os to other handset makers the iPhone will be Mac 2.0. By that, he means that Apple's unwillingness to license the Mac Os to other computer makers ultimately meant that the OS was drowned out by the hoards of Windows offerings in the mainstream and relegated to a tiny percentage of the global market.

Gassee figures that if Apple doesn't license the iPhone Os that Android devices will drown the iPhone on the market. That is already happening so it is no real surprise. Apple is one of the most closed tech firms on the planet and the chances of it licensing the tech is about the same as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates becoming life partners.

Apple will not open up the OS to other builders so it's only a matter of time before Android phones push the iPhone back to a smaller portion of the market that it still holds a huge share of today.

Via CBS News


  • some internet dude

    Agreed, the title says it all.

  • jay

    I don’t see what the big deal is . Let the drowning not end .

  • Tony

    This is so true. Android has already passed up iPhone. Oh well iPhone, your not the only game in town anymore. So sad!!!

  • Carsten

    THE Jean-Louis Gassée? Haven’t seen him around in a while. Good to see he’s still alive.


  • Met

    Could I have a high res version of that image? It’s pretty epic and I would love to have that as my wallpaper on my iMac!
    Pref 1920×1200 res if at all possible.
    Just reply as a comment with the link please! 😀

  • Rajan

    True. What happened to Mac in the 80s and 90s may soon happen to iPhone. In those decades Apple lost the market to IBM compatible DOS/Windows based PCs. The same may happen to iPhone losing to Android based mobile devices.

  • Ian Mackay

    Did any of you guys actually read the article, and not just the misleading subtitle added by CBS News? It seems very clear to me that Gassée is saying that Apple should NOT license iOS.

    “Doomsayers will sing the licensing blues. By refusing to license the operating system—iOS, in this case—the iPhone will drown in a sea of Android smartphones. We’ve seen it before: Apple is repeating the mistake that allowed Windows clones to scuttle the Mac.

    “Others, such as yours truly, see the iPhone—or, more properly, its pole position in the smartphone race—as a perfect illustration of lessons learned from the Mac’s struggle to find breathing room in the PC industry.”