Analyst Jean-Louis Gassee from Allegis Capital has stated that he thinks that if Apple doesn’t license the iPhone Os to other handset makers the iPhone will be Mac 2.0. By that, he means that Apple’s unwillingness to license the Mac Os to other computer makers ultimately meant that the OS was drowned out by the hoards of Windows offerings in the mainstream and relegated to a tiny percentage of the global market.

Gassee figures that if Apple doesn’t license the iPhone Os that Android devices will drown the iPhone on the market. That is already happening so it is no real surprise. Apple is one of the most closed tech firms on the planet and the chances of it licensing the tech is about the same as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates becoming life partners.

Apple will not open up the OS to other builders so it’s only a matter of time before Android phones push the iPhone back to a smaller portion of the market that it still holds a huge share of today.

Via CBS News