iPhone 6 clone “demo” leaks, running on Android KitKat

July 16, 2014

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As the world waits with bated breath (some more than others) over the actual official details and release of the rumoured iPhone 6, expect that the market will be flooded with clones even before the launch. Some “enterprising genius” in China has released a video with a demo of what is obviously not the real deal, but still entertaining enough to catch the world’s attention (most probably iPhone fans who are too impatient for actual news).

A Chinese tech blog has released the video, with background music weirdly set to The Carpenters’ Top of The World. It “shows off” what at first glance may look like an actual iPhone. But look closely and you’ll see that the cut and pasted Apple logo and a bulging camera proves that this is just one clone trying to pass itself off as the new iPhone 6. They probably based it on early schematics of the iPhone 6 that have been leaked, but even that is still not reliable at this time.

The video shows the device is called Wico i6 and that it boasts of a 4.7-inch screen with a 960x1704 resolution. Going inside, the settings says it has a quad-core processor, 32GB of memory, and a 2GB of RAM. It looks like it used a modded version of Android KitKat to make it look like an iPhone. This is the first to show a working screen video of an iPhone 6, so even if it will be far from what we expect Apple to produce, at least we get a glimpse of what it could be.

The Chinese market is notorious for producing these knock-offs before and even after the launch. So expect even more demo videos to come out, but just remember to keep a cynical eye out for them, and just wait for the official one from Apple itself.

[youtube 1Z2C8ED4piM]

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  • Daniel Sexton

    Can I uh.. can I have that rom? lol

  • LordQuad

    ” Some “enterprising genius” in China has released a video with a demo of what is obviously not the real deal, but still entertaining enough to catch the world’s attention (most probably iPhone fans who are too impatient for actual news).” …and ‘re’ posted on a rather large ‘Western’ Android discussion board by a ‘not so enterprising journalist, non genius’? …and not without the ‘dig’ on the iOS community, eh? ‘Probably iPhone fans…actual news’. Kinda weird way to write an article, or an introduction to an ‘enterprising genius’ (genius’s actual, real and operational hand set that’s running KK and seemingly well ‘put together’ other than the protruding ¼”, maybe an ⅛” screw on the bottom, left of the lightning port. Obvious on every pan of the camera around the bottom (where the ‘home’ button resides for those unfamiliar with an iPhone?) bezel area in the video. For some reason, pre-shoot they weren’t able to ‘drive’ that pentalobe proprietary screw all the way in? Maybe it was just too long a Phillips head, but the correct ‘width’ so they’d find a screw that fits ‘later’ ;). Sometimes sarcasm is a bit tough to read online. Sometimes blatantly obvious. As a journalist and writer for a large (certainly not the biggest or most frequented, but one I enjoy reading and checking in with daily, as well as a member of my RSS Club in my aggregate newspaper for my morning ‘routine’) Android site, American and British …possibly Australian and maybe a few others frequenting your site. I’m an ambidextrous user. Have been since day one and still have my original Xoom. Today, my personal phone is the 5s. I’ve owned my company for 26 years and the Note 3/iPad Mini 2 have completely revolutionized my business, record keeping, payable/receivables …even on the ‘production end’ as we’re a traveling audio and visual production company …in Alaska, which mandated I have my pilot’s license and, eventually my own plane. The mini has replaced a 50lb flight bag with up to date charts, plates, weather conditions, including flight planning, fuel calculations and in flight ‘moving map’ (think ADS-b if you’re familiar) terrain display, with TCAS integration and so much more. That’s JUST getting to the shoot, or the production itself. The Note3, WOW! It’s all I can say. I bought the first one, did the two years on the contract pissed off the entire time as it was junk. Period. The display at two minute locks would time out while waiting for ‘permission acceptance’ while trying to update a couple of apps! Unreal. But that’s ‘Gen 1’ for ya. As soon as I went in at that 24 month mark, the LG2 and S4 were the two choices as the Note was exceptional for taking payments, easily snowing off different staging, lighting and sound conditions with real, high Rez shots captured on our DSLR, groomed a bit, and transferred back to the SD card for viewing purposes. Again doing mobile audio and video, we do a LOT of rigging gear, or ‘flying’ it. The Note’s stylus and ability to sketch rigging points with the client and structural engineers was and is a huge bonus. It was the one MAJOR thing I’d miss with the S4/G2. That said, when I picked up the N3 just to ‘look’, that was it. It worked as a normal phone you’d expect, with one exception…all the sudden Android was just as ‘quick’ on the UI as iOS, and color me shocked! Truly, honestly floored. None months in to both, I’d trade neither. I use both OSx and Windows 7/8(.1;)). Linux and Unix on some of our rendering gear and I’m excited to see Android get something put together better than Chrome. IMHO, the vertical AND horizontal benefits both iOS/OSx and Windows (forget Metro for a minute) both in soft and hardware. Cloud and operation system aggregation, ‘handoff’ and continuity between all systems. THIS is what matters. This is what customers want and will demand as we move forward. To dismiss the iPhone 6 in such a shitty way, you’ve shown the ignorance of a bad tech journalist. A ‘fanboy’ if you will. Snipe my comment if you’d like, of course. As it’s your site. But believe you, me. Everyone that’s ‘into’ technology and owns him/herself a smartphone and/or tablet with a computer IS INDEED waiting…maybe not all with ‘baited breath’ (save that for the iOS cult, right?), but Android and Win phone owners as well …for the actual ‘true’ iPhone ‘6’ release. Period. Like it or not, doesn’t matter. They’ll sell more than the 5s which was the FASTEST & quickest selling product in tech history, before that, the iPhone 5 was. The 4s before that, the iPhone 4—the original iPad, they ALL did the same. I’m not saying ‘follow the masses’ but if you’re attempting to be a ‘real geek’, one that truly understands mobike technology, it’s you that needs to wake up, try iOS, OSx, maybe even an iPhone be damned. It’s not the OS we iOS users use. It’s the incredible and unchallenged, unrivaled in every way…the App Store and it’s offerings. When it comes to creative; visual, photo, audio, even ‘drawing’ …iOS is king. There’s not a single DAW worth mentioning on Android where GarageBand may be one of the most intense mobile beasts ever coded. Flying? Try the Play store. No Fore Flight, no planning or imaging or Jep charts, plates, weather accuracy. Forget it. Love my Note 3 but for different reasons, and when it comes to tablets, there isn’t one. Other than the iPad. Unless you’re a power user, the SP3 is a mighty fine piece of hardware. Android has yet to produce a decent tablet with decent apps to use with said tablet. I like Samsung and their approach but the power and options they’re supplying aren’t augmented by software choices. Sorry to call you to the mat, but this fall — this is going to be a MONSTER for Apple. BTW, as an owner of a pair of retina MacBook pros, 13&15″ models from ’13, I can honestly tell ya, there’s not a better laptop on today’s market. After thirty years of computing, building and using all systems, in all shapes and sizes…my new rMBP is miles ahead of my 2012 built to the hilt son’s Alienware 18″, 12 pound dual graphic card boasting, room warming POS. Try Apples. Maybe you’ll ‘like em’

  • Andrew

    They still haven’t learned to laminate their displays. Disappointing.