Intel Haswell chips rumored to power next gen Chromebooks

September 9, 2013

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Not many may know what Chromebooks are and not many may care, but Intel seems to be definitely taking an interest in the unique line of ultraportable notebooks, as sources are saying that the processor manufacturing giant is set to announce new Chromebooks this week running on its fourth generation Intel Core processors.

As the name might suggest, Chromebooks revolve around Google Chrome OS, Google's operating system based on its Chrome browser. As such, Chromebooks are designed and optimized for web apps. Thin and lightweight, Chromebooks are well-suited for people always on the go whose jobs focus on the web or at least don't mind having a rather unusual, browser-centric, somewhat limited system. Chromebooks are currently being sold by Google, Samsung, HP, and Acer. Intel believes there is a market for these devices and wants to bring in more power to the Chromebook line.

Intel has been trying to get its chips under every platform and every device category, recently adding Android smartphones and tablets to its list. The company is hoping to market its new Haswell generation of processors as more powerful but also more energy efficient options for portable devices such as tablets and notebooks, making something like a Chromebook more interesting as a work device.

Intel is expected to unveil the new Chromebooks at the Intel Developer Forum this week. As prices for Chromebooks range from $199 to $1299, it will be quite difficult to guess a price tag, which will, of course, depend on the rest of the hardware that the new Chromebooks would have.

VIA: PCWorld

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  • Peter Frazier


  • Derek L.

    This should definitely do Chromebooks justice. I would love to get one, but I still don’t see any point in Chrome OS. 🙁

    • Tim Kirkpatrick

      I see a point. I’m a

      • elyamdroid

        wooow , yeah man , you make him Speechless

      • Derek L.

        That makes perfect sense. Those would make great laptops/PCs for schools.

        I just don’t see a reason for myself. I mean I have a Windows 8 laptop, and I have an Android phone. If I get a tablet, it’ll probably be Android or Windows 8. I can’t see myself jumping into Chrome OS and keeping it around as it really doesn’t have that feeling of a full fledged OS (or at least look since I haven’t used it).

        Then again, lately, I’ve just used my computer for the most basic tasks and most, if not all the time, I’m using Chrome to do anything. Hm…

      • ellett

        I will have been using Chrome OS for three years this December and over those three years I’ve seen my Windows use gradually decline to near zero. Chrome OS is just so much faster and easier for the things I do every day.

        I suggest that when you think about upgrading, consider grabbing a Chromebook and parking your old Windows machine in a corner somewhere for that once a month you may want it.

    • JayCee842

      Yep, LuckyHermit makes a valid point. I’m in college and don’t even use my iMac anymore. I just rely on my chromebook every day of the week! 🙂

  • Paulus Net

    Now, I can start my Chrome OS life, glad I waited 🙂

    • Elyamdroid

      me too !!

  • captainkirk

    I have been thinking about a Chromebook but wanted to wait and see what new gear we get later this year. Of course, I can snag one for under $200 right now just to play around with so who knows? I may just do that to dip my toes in and then buy a more powerful one later if I think I really need it.

    • JayCee842

      That is exactly what I’m doing. I just bought one this Saturday and I’m completely loving it. 🙂

  • ellett

    “Not many may know what Chromebooks are and not many may care…”

    Juan Carlos, where have you been? Chromebooks are selling like hotcakes, for instance the Samsung Chromebook has been the #1 selling Laptop computer at Amazon and the #4 computer overall for the last six months or so. You must be one of the last to learn about Chromebooks.

    My recommendation is to get one and live with it for a while to see how it fits into your life.