The rolling ball of speculation and rumor that is the Nexus Tablet keeps going. This time the perpetrator is Android and Me, who quotes a “supply chain source” reaffirming previous rumors that ASUS is the manufacturer of choice this time around. There’s a twist in the story, though: the source claims that the much-anticipated ASUS MeMO 370T Tegra 3 7-inch tablet showed off at CES is no more, and has been scrapped in favor of the Nexus Tablet or whatever it’s being called this week. The price target is reportedly $150-200, something that just about anybody (except maybe Apple) can get excited about.

That’s an intriguing statement, considering that we previously ruminated that the Nexus Tablet sounded like a cheaper version of the 370T. The source goes on to state that it”s a “done deal”, though the cheaper retail price necessitates going with some cheaper materials, including scrapping the quad-core Tegra 3 altogether. A Snapdragon S4 would seem like a smart alternative, getting bigger volume and a lower price without much of a hit in performance. It would probably mean a cheaper plastic construction as well, and possibly a loss-leader price model to give Ice Cream Sandwich a foothold against the iPad.

As if that wasn’t juicy enough, the source claims that the Nexus Tablet will be introduced at CTIA in May, not Google’s very own IO conference in late June. Both could technically be correct: Google could announce the tablet in May for a June release, then give it away to Google IO attendees as they’re in the habit of doing. A few of our regular readers will certainly be upset if the ASUS MeMO 370T doesn’t come to market; the prospect of a 7-inch, quad-core 720p ICS tablet is mighty tantalizing. But an official Google tablet for $150? That’s the stuff of dreams. We’ll see if they come true.

  • Would love to pick these up for the kids @ $150, sounds great.

    •  I agree.. Probably will be $199 though

      • dan


  • Guest

    Thats kind of sad, I was looking forward to a nice quad core 7″ tablet of higher quality, and would have paid for it. If its a dual and a bunch of cheap plastic, I’ll probably pass on it.

    •  If they want to complete it needs to be top build quality and a low price. I have a feeling they’ll deliver!

  • N8shon

    370T or Nexus Tablet, I’ll take either one that actually comes to fruition. 

  • Nasuno

    Am a sad panda over this (possible) news. Wanted a 370T at advertised specs very much.

  • Mike

    If it’s not a quad core, I’ll pass.  Too bad if that’s true, I returned my last tablet as soon as I heard about this one.  If the Nexus isn’t going to be quad core, I hope Asus still releases the quad core MeMo.

  • noooooooooooooo I AM WAITING FOR THE MEMO 370T

    • shouldiwait


  • I thought the MeMo 370T was already announced in India. I can’t see them canceling a current product – with better specs – for the Nexus…

    • if it is a minor downgrade and it’ll save $$$ while making $$$ from google, i dont see why they wouldn’t do it…

  • Sperrybird

    That’s dissapointing. Hoping to pick up the 370T and it’s quadcore goodness. I hope the nexus tablet is the same but with a different name and lower price. 

  • I’ll be highly disappointed if they drop the Tegra 3. I was looking forward to the MeMo 370t for the reason that you would be getting a Tegra 3 at a $250 price point (I’d pay the extra for that CPU)

  • descendency

    At 150, I’m buying one for each of my parents. At 200, I may only get my mom (or me, I if I like it… lol) one. 

  • Benjybattat

    why are people upset about the lack of tegra 3?

    snapdragon s4 is next gen 28 nm and will be faster and get better battery life…

    • Justin McDermott

      I agree. Everyone is caught by the fact that the Tegra 3 is a quad core that they neglect the fact the the architecture of the chip sucks compared to a dual core S4. The S4 benchmarks faster in everything except for graphics and it’s cheaper. 

      • Kb_explore

        Everything except graphics? Hello what do you use a tablet for? Crunching algorithms? Or playing games…watching videos… creating pictures… ahem.. need I say more. T3 is faster in the RIGHT areas.

  • shouldiwait

    Welll….thought I’d be waiting on what seemed like an awesome tablet…guess if they downgrade the specs ill pass.  It’ll just be another nook tablet or fire as far as im concerned

    • Matijams

      Yea, looks like we got our hopes up for nothing. This Nexus tab thing might be pretty good, but it’s no 370T

  • Jack

    It’s late March, 2012, and I’m still hung on the Asus m370T which was announced at CES.  Dude, I am willing to pay $300 for the Tablet that was promised for $250, but if they change it or drop the plan it’s iEffinPad I come. 

  • Subin Sunny

    is it  3G

  • The Illuminati

    This better not happen.

    • The Illuminati

      This is the only thing I was going to buy this year when it comes to any electronics, why would they do this? Its stupid. Sorry Asus, no Memo 370t no money from me..why would I buy an inferior tablet? Its not what I want. 

    • aa915

      Ditto.  I was looking forward to the Memo even at $250-$300, but I’ll think twice about $150 for a Nook retread.

  • Maymunkral

    i can afford even 300$ for a quad core tablet but i wont give 150$ for a weak tablet because there are a lot of alternatives for 150$ with respect to performance

  • Bob Tasa

    I agree with the other member who stated
    i can afford even 300$ for a quad core tablet but i wont give 150$ for a weak tablet because there are a lot of alternatives for 150$ with respect to performance

    I was waiting for an affordable quality 7inch  quad core tablet.

  • Mdmills31

    Wow. The 370t as originally advertised was the only tablet I was willing to purchase… There goes that.

    • shonangreg

      If I could, I’d buy the 370T for $250 in April/May as a second, more mobile tablet. Then I’d buy a $150-200 lower-specced Nexus tablet in July to give to my wife (and maybe another one for my nephew). She doesn’t really need the performance on her first android device. If ASUS ditches the 370T, I don’t what 7″ tablet I’ll get. The high-quality/medium-low price point is still missing.

      ASUS can sell both of these. The difference appears to be easy to grasp.

  • Jam

    Many people are short-sighted, they’ll do anything to save a few bucks in the short term without taking into account the long term consequences. If they’re also going to cut the great 1280×800-pixel IPS LCD display originally specified, the SDHC card slot or the mini-USB port so that Google can milk you for more money on their cloud services like Apple or Amazon do, then I’ll be looking for another tablet. If that’s the strategy that Google adopts, in the long run, you’ll pay that $50 saving ten times over and more.

    • Mdmills31

      Assuming that this is true I guess the question now is where do we look to for a fully featured 7inch tablet? Seems like the big developers are intent on turning the 7 inch market into vehicles for their services. No SD card slots, no usb ports etc.

  • Well time to shop around for something else…  You want to go on the CHEAP…  Wello what a waste of my time holding out for what was to be a QUALITY item…

  • ezio

    Im waiting for asus memo 370t… i wld b very much sad if they drop it…dont do ths stupid thing…v need asus memo 370t with tegra3….

  • Asus, WE WANT THE TEGRA 3!!!

  • Dirk Mcbratney

    Dammit. This was going to be my first tablet – and the price wasn’t a factor. Now I’m not sure what to go with, but it’s not the Nexus.

  • Thanks for nothing, google

    Welp! Time to see how those Windows 8 tablets are shaping up…..

  • Adiaz1985

    damn was waiting for it as well waiting for just pre order

  • EmQuad

    Was hoping that I could get the 370T… Now the idea of a cheaper $150 nexus tablet sounds nice but the fact that its build and specs will, obviously, be taken down a notch or two just kills it for me. I mean wasnt the 370T said to be around $250 when they showed it a few months ago? If so Id be ok with that price. To be honest they will probably scrap both ideas and come up with a 10.1 google branded tablet for $450 or $400. OR Maybe a 7 inch tablet but at $350 or $400. It sounded to good to be true. Regardless I hope both come out. The $150 Google Branded and a $250 ASUS Memo 370T. Quench the thirst of the power users and those looking for a good tablet thats easier on the pockets.

  • Im sure that because they cant hold the price, is just marketing!!

  • nigger

    Fucking idiots. You changed your tablet in hopes to make more money but ultimately you just lost many potential buyers. Stupid decision. 

  • Tornadoraver

    so sad, i wanted the 370T… it was practically a 7inch transformer prime in my price range. if i only cared about price i would’ve gotten the kindle fire :p

  • Fee

    looks like the source was spot on on most of the details

  • millgate

    There’s disturbing news afoot that suggests that the Memo 370T has been superseded by the Nexus 7 – for the benefit of Google.

    But the Nexus 7 is apparently WITHOUT a rear facing camera !!!

    PLEASE change the spec. before it is released in the UK – and include an 8 or better 12 mpixel camera with the software we saw in one of the Memo 370T reviews.

  • tmc8080

    maybe it was scrapped b/c apple made an ipad mini and didn’t want to get sued..

    now only off-brand tablets in the 7″ category seem fair game.. at the higher end ($229+) you’ll have to bump upto the 10″ tablets.. at least there’s some competition there.. I’m eyeballing the tf300 in the range of $349.. it’s either this or a laptop.. haven’t decided yet. anyone notice that they jacked up laptop prices for the holidays.. PFFT!! you can’t get diddly for $299 anymore.. it looks closer to a tablet spec w/ 2gb ram, 320gb hard drive, etc.