HTC ThunderBolt Video Quality [PROOF]

March 16, 2011

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Our sister site SlashGear has their review unit of the HTC ThunderBolt and they've sent us over a sample of the video quality they're seeing on the back camera of the HTC ThunderBolt and lemme tell ya - it's pretty much amazing. As you may already know, the HTC ThunderBolt has an 8-megapixel camera on its back that's capable of recording at 720p HD, at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. EDIT: CORRECTION: This video is actually not even at the full resolution, as it's been discovered to have been at the default 800x480. Even better! Fat! Let's take a peek at what that looks like below, and don't forget, if you haven't heard me write this already, we're getting our own ThunderBolt unit in tomorrow.

The video you're seeing isn't recorded in the worst lighting conditions in the world, but it's certainly not the best! This is the same environment you'll more than likely be working in whilst recording your OWN child screaming like a velociraptor captured in a cage on Isla Numblar. Looks nice, yes? We're more than satisfied already and we don't even have the camera in our hands.

[vms f914b95a0fc33c3f33bf]

So what comes next? That's up to you! We'll keep posting items we feel are important to explore with this phone starting tomorrow, and that includes items that you request! So feel free to ask here, email us, or even tweet our name @androids on Twitter - we'll hear you!

Another sample shot taken with HTC ThunderBolt

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  • Frank Gonnello

    Save the whales!

  • Anonymous

    Dam about time HTC puts good camera lenses on its phones…..

  • Anonymous

    Dam about time HTC puts good camera lenses on its phones…..

  • Al Hreisham

    i know that the sms format is threaded view. but is it in text bubbles? i have a samsung reality that si technically threaded view but its not in little bubbles its in rectangles.

  • MCooper

    Videos looks not too good, jerky movement and poor light resolution not the least impressed HTC sense is a joke. The only thing this phone has good going for it is 4g capability, otherwise its already an outdated obsolete phone with average hardware

    • Chris Burns

      are you…. for real?

      • MCooper

        No joke! This phone is an updated evo, woohoo! A lot of hype for nothing the battery life is crap and the screen resolution is already out done by upcoming android phones, oh and no dual core what’s up with that? In 6 months HTC will release a dual core when they should of just put it in the thunderbolt, no HDMI port, yeah I’d say this phone is behind the curve, but I’d still take it anyday over icrap 4/5.

      • Seeteedub

        waaaaaa squared. Why post if you’re gonna whine and complain? Why are you even on the website Trollio?

    • Smut

      little harsh, but i generally agree. My incredible is probably a year old and the differences are marginal. I do like the larger screen, and definitely the stand, but 4g doesnt work where i live so there would be little reason for an upgrade. I can wait for a dual core option, with netflix streaming hopefully.

    • Seeteedub

      Waaaaa! iPhone fanboy…

      • MCooper

        Actually I absolutely hate icrap get your shit right! I wouldn’t own an icrap if it was completely free, I’m an android fan but the thunderbolt just seems to me like its outdated, I swear they will never make a phone with every spec that I want and thats what keeps the phone race at such a steady pace its a bunch of BS!

      • Anonymous

        its basically an evo for verizon but I wouldnt say its outdated. the evo is still one of the best androids. I own a Nexus One and its still holdin it down.

  • Vincent Nguyen

    There’s a little compression going on when the video was uploaded to our VMS, so it’s not truly the quality you’d see on the device or output to TV.