HTC PB92300 hits FCC with dual cameras [Update: new HTC Aria?]

November 24, 2010

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A new HTC smartphone has been spotted passing through the FCC, though right now very little is known about the handset. The HTC PB92300 is, we're guessing, an Android device, since it has both front and rear cameras; that's not something Windows Phone 7 is set up to deal with right now.

Otherwise, the only other confirmed hardware is Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM/EDGE support for the 850 and 1900 bands. HTC has applied for confidentiality until May 15 2011, so we might not see this particular handset - whatever it turns out to be - until Q2 next year.

Update: We couldn't get that bright yellow color out of our heads, and so dug around for some shots of the HTC Aria (PB92110) with its battery out. Mojeng provided, and it looks as though this new FCC sticker has the same distinctive cut-outs as the Aria's (shown below). We already know HTC is bringing out a European-spec version, the HTC Gratia, but it's unclear if this is the new phone's label or otherwise.

[via Wireless Goodness]

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  • IncredibleDoes

    I’m thinking this is the Htc Mecha aka the Incredible HD.

    Two reasons:
    • PB is used on Verizon devices, PC on Sprint devices. For example the htc evo is PC6100IMG or something like that and the htc incredible is PB13IMG, so this just leads me to think that PB92300 is a verizon device.

    As for the gsm networks maybe its for verizon lte 4g network, I mean they will be using sim cards.right? Maybe a world phone?

    •Htc Mecha is said to have 2 cameras

    Of course I could be 1000% wrong, this is just my guess!


  • IncredibleDoes

    Just saw the update and yes I’m 1000:% wrong