HTC One 2 leaked 3D printout suggests rehash of a familiar design

December 25, 2013

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It seems that HTC has settled on a distinct design that will characterize it's high end devices, or at least its HTC One line. This latest leaked photo shows, perhaps to no one's surprise, that the next HTC One, conveniently nicknamed HTC One 2 for the time being, will look almost exactly like its predecessor.

Granted, this photo is actually that of a 3D printed resin model supposedly based on the actual design specifications of the next flagship. Presuming the sources are accurate, it does at least give us an idea of what the device might look like. Here we see the two front speakers that has somewhat become the signature of HTC's top line. No Beats audio though, with HTC going with its own BoomSound tech instead. One thing that's peculiar about the design is a slightly longer hole beside the camera hole, suggesting either a mic beside the camera or a double flash setup.

Screen size has also been increased to 5 inches, compared to the HTC One's 4.7-inch display. This time, the HTC One 2 is expected to come with a 1080x1920 display resolution, finally catching up with this year's high-end smartphones. The rest of the expected hardware sheet sounds familiar enough. 2 GB of RAM, an internal storage configuration that starts at 16 GB, and a current gen Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. At the moment, it is still unknown whether HTC will be going with the more common Snapdragon 800 or if it will bump it up a bit with the new 805 chip that is capable of 4K video output.


Hopefully, the HTC One 2 will be running the latest Android 4.4 by the time it goes to launch, though nothing is certain yet. We are expecting to hear more of HTC's next premium smartphone when it puts the HTC One 2 on display at CES 2014.

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  • Ali Almohsen

    Getting a 1080p display is “finally catching up with this year’s high-end smartphones” for HTC? The HTC One has a 1080p display.

    Unless you mean bumping up the display size, which is not what is implied given that that statement was after the mention of the 1080p res. If so, technically, that brings down the quality by reducing its PPI, so I’m gonna say it’s not “catching up”. Also, bigger screen size is not “catching up” in any way as there are a thousand devices out there in all kinds of screen sizes.

  • Fuducky

    Don’t look for any factual information on android community.
    Hard to take any site seriously that can’t distinguish between HTC and Huawei, especially one with android in its name.

  • Annon

    HTC is even the first to come out with a 1080p smartphone…garbage article

  • Zacisblack

    “This time, the HTC One 2 is expected to come with a 1080×1920 display resolution, finally catching up with this year’s high-end smartphones.”

    The HTC One has a 1080p display. Derp.

    • gameraddikted

      You beat me to it. I find it hard to believe they don’t know the resolution of the original considering they have previously talked about it multiple times!

  • Mark Rich

    HTC One 2? A bit of tautology in that name. Why not HTC Two?

  • clement neo

    looks like it has dual flash