The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 may be the high-end processor mobile users are looking to have power their handset at the moment, however a new top of the line has been announced this morning. Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon 805 “Ultra HD” processor which will feature the an Adreno 420 GPU and is described as being the “first mobile processor to offer system-level Ultra HD support.”

The Snadragon 805 will be a Krait 450 quad-core CPU and the first to run at up to 2.5GHz per core. Qualcomm also touts the Snapdragon 805 as having superior memory bandwidth support of up to 25.6GB/second. This essentially, should mean apps will run smoother and that users should see an improved multimedia and web browsing experience.

Qualcomm notes this setup will be able to offer 4K video capture and playback as well as enhanced dual camera Image Signal Processors (ISPs) for “superior performance, multitasking, power efficiency and mobile user experiences.” Furthermore, according to Qualcomm, that would be a first for mobile processors.

In addition to the Snapdragon 805, there was also another announcement from Qualcomm, the fourth-generation 3G/LTE multimode modem and RF transceiver chip. This includes the Qualcomm Gobi 9×35 and the RF transceiver chip, the Qualcomm WTR392. These are both said to be able to “offer significant improvements in performance, power consumption and printed circuit board area requirements.”

For OEMs, the combination of the Gobi 9×35 modem and WTR3925 chipset enables a powerful, single platform that can be used to launch LTE Advanced devices faster at a global scale. Together, these solutions are designed to deliver up to 2X faster LTE Advanced, CAT 6 up to 300 Mbps, along with dual carrier HSUPA and dual band multi-carrier HSPA+.

That all having been said, while we suspect some will be hoping to see a Snapdragon 805 powered device arrive in their hands sometime soon, these will not be arriving for a little while. Qualcomm has said the Snapdragon 805 is being tested now and expected to arrive during the first half of 2014. Furthermore, the Gobi 9×35 and WTR3925 are expected to arrive sometime early next year.

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  1. I guess that this is a stepping stone for Snapdragon 900, which should be an ARMv8-based 64-bit chip. This S805 will be the this year’s S600. Second half of 2014 will feature the S900.

  2. At current resolutions ie. FHD in 5″, that’s UD in 10″, as demonstrated by Toshiba at CES 2013, next year’s 2x FHD in 5″ is UD in 7″, to drive that we’ll use 14nm, 64 bit CPU/GPU, RAM. With graphics going into 128 bit, really just multiple 64 bit streams, I see UD 4k Android TV is just $50 now.


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