HTC Incredible S Pre-Orders now Shipping from carphonewarehouse

February 24, 2011

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The shiny new HTC Incredible S has started shipping for delivery starting Saturday February 26th from Carphonewarehouse online pre-orders. It is available exclusively from Carphonewarehouse and Best Buy across the UK with availability in over 800 stores starting in-store Thursday, March 3rd.

The Incredible S follows in it's little brother the Verizon HTC Incredible's footsteps. With it's very similar look and design it is sure to be another big seller. The S has some good and much needed upgrades over it's sibling that now makes it more in line with Android phones of 2011. With a 4" Screen, Dual LED Flash, & Android 2.2 with promises to 2.4 Ice Cream coming soon. Our sister site SlashGear has the Incredible S Hands-On for your viewing pleasure.

[via Carphonewarehouse]

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  • ryan

    Isn’t 2.4 supposed to still be Gingerbread?