Don’t tell anybody! There’s a note being passed around that we just happen to have text from, one that’s telling all the employees at Best Buy Mobile – aka the most fun part of the whole store, that they’re able to speak of this pre-order only to people who ask about it specifically. If you say you might want to check out a different phone, you’re out of luck! Have a look below at how you can reserve your HTC EVO 3D at a Best Buy today, and keep it a secret!

Have a peek here at the text from this infamous note supposedly sent out to Best Buy employees. In it, you’ll find that not only are they not allowed to speak of the pre-order unless someone asks about the EVO 3D and ONLY the EVO 3D, they mention that staff is not allowed to speak about blogs. No blogs because they are unreliable and should be shot on the spot! You evil blogs, how dare you interfere with Best Buy’s business!

Are Customers Asking for the Sprint EVO 3D?

Although dates and details are very limited on this device, there are some customers willing to wait. As always, we encourage customers to choose from Best Buy Mobile’s phenomenal phone selection and pair it with the Buy Back program. However, we realize some customers either aren’t ready to upgrade or are willing to wait until the unconfirmed launch date. Therefore…we are “quietly” opening the Sprint EVO 3D pre-sale (SKU 2612225), starting this Monday, May 2.

What CAN we say: The HTC EVO 3D, the first glasses-free 3D 4G device, is coming “this summer” to Best Buy.

What CAN’T we say: Anything from the blogs or unofficial sources. Much of this is unreliable and could mislead customers. Inevitably, customers will find this information and it is acceptable to be aware of it, but do not share said information with customers as factual.

What CAN we do: Starting May 2, Best Buy Mobile will begin reserving product through the pre-sale process. Click here for the generic flyer.

What CAN’T we do: Do NOT actively promote this pre-sale until it’s formally announced. Do NOT create signage and drive customers towards this pre-sale. This is meant to capture only those customers coming into our stores inquiring about the EVO 3D who otherwise are not purchasing another phone today. In other words, if a customer asks, you can tell him or her about the pre-sale. Otherwise, mum’s the word.

That text is pretty clear, is it not? Now I suppose you’d like more info on the actual device, yes? Why don’t you have a look at our hands-on with the device. Or perhaps super secrets are really enticing to you today? In that case, you’re going to want to head back to our giant flopper: HTC EVO 3D Features Micro-USB Port with HDMI Capability. Have a peek at an Accessories Rundown and even check out how thick the EVO 3D is compared to the HTC ThunderBolt. Yippee!

  • evo Leander

    Heading to bestbuy now best moment of my life here I come

    • R-OG

      Hahahaha confirmed! $50 dollar deposit. Headed there as well!

  • Mr Zuloo

    Yes. Just like the Asus Transformer. They have some in stock at your local Best Buy but you have to ask for it!?… They are not on display and the website lists them as Unavailable at the stores but I went to my local Best Buy and asked for one specifically and they had some in stock. I think they are trying to prevent one person from buying them all and then selling them online. Only true Android fans who know what they want will get these first.

  • Whap

    Damn ugly phone!

  • Longtime Sprint Customer

    WHAT, no physical keyboard?!? Damn, I was all ready to upgrade from my pathetic Moment. I have the full Sprint 2 year discount accumulated too. Now I have to wait till someone, hopefully HTC, gets that thing known as “a Clue” and puts on a real keyboard. No doubt it will be the same crap I endured last time, wherein I had to go with the otherwise inferior Samsung Moment instead of the overall better HTC, simply for the crucial reason that the HTC people don’t have the sense to put on a physical keyboard, and the Samsung people, despite their phones having other flaws–do.

    Sprint and HTC–get your heads together and give us a physical keyboard on this, or an even snazzier smartphone. Preferably also with a 5″ or better screen that equals or betters the Retina screen…PLEASE!!!

    8 year Sprint customer with a $200+ a month plan

    • Another Sprint Customer

      You are SOOO right!! I hope those people listen to you! I want the same thing basically

    • Evo3D Rocks

      @d7a29fb7c88a29773777e3b085c47d7d:disqus dude, stfu. Physical keyboard is crap. I can spank any person on a physical keyboard with swype. The keyboard makes phones more prone to breaking, make the phone thicker, heavier and crappier. you want a keyboard, buy a laptop. geez.

      • Curt2g1980

        I had to get an epic over the evolution because of the keyboard. I couldnt play my emulators on my evo which sucked because I liked my evolution better at the time but I can’t stand Htc sense or touchwiz, but its not much bigger really so it still future comfortably in my pocket & in my hand.

    • Kiw_jamz

      ” HTC people don’t have the sense to put on a physical keyboard”

      errrm i wouldnt say HTC never came out with a qwerty keyboard phone…buy an HTC evo shift….that has a keyboard and its been out since like december. 

    • Anonymous

      Go right now to radio shack and buy the Epic 4G.  If you create a foursquare account and check in at the RS store for the first time they will give you 20% off the price of the phone.  In my case (2 phones) and all others I have heard of the 20% is off the full retail, not discounted price.  So you should receive $70 off the $149 price.  Beats a moment any time and has a full qwerty

  • Miguelg200st

    Sprint is also taking pre orders. I pre ordered mine yesterday at a sprint store located at bronx, new york. I am not currently a customer so first the manager checked my credit. Then he told me that they are taking $100 deposit from everyone and that the $100 will be deducted from the phone. He gave me a receipt and told me that on release day I will be called and It’s guaranteed that I will get one on release day. He said that on release day I need too take the receipt so they can refund me the $100 and then charge me the phone. He also said that they are giving $240 to customers willing to sell their iphone 4.

  • Government Refund

    swype is 100 times better even one handed than a physical keyboard

    • bankuim

      true, get swype and your done.  if it doesnt come with it just put it on yourself

    • bankuim

      true, get swype and your done.  if it doesnt come with it just put it on yourself