HTC is gearing up for Mobile World Congress with a new line of smartphones and a neat new naming scheme. Aiming to have a better year than the last we expect great things from HTC. Today over on their Facebook page they’ve posted a teaser image that only causes us to have more questions than we did yesterday.

They don’t give us much to go on other then a simple one liner that reads : “This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.” We already know they have a quad-core smartphone headed to the event in the HTC One X (HTC Edge), but the 5 could mean we’ll be seeing 5 devices from team HTC this weekend. Sunday is HTC’s Mobile World Congress event and we will be there live to get all the pictures and video you’d like.

Other various leaks have teased an HTC One S, One V, and possible a tablet or two from HTC this year so we’ll be sure to bring all the latest news. Not just on that “fast” device they are teasing. There is a lot we expect to see at MWC this year and HTC is just one part, but an important one. With their new hero strategy where they’ll be making less, but better quality phones than they have in the past we are excited to see what they bring along.

Check back Sunday for all the details and news as it comes in.

[via Facebook]

  • Mike Dye

    Maybe a 5inch screen to compete with Galaxy note?

  • Ike Plemons

    its gotta be HTML5

  • Erik

    come on…the 5 is a countdown to Sunday…5 days away.

  • Dat1

    It’s a subtle way of saying that the nvida chip actually runs 5 cores. The 5th core being used for background mobile features whilst the phone is in standby to conserve battery life whilst the main 4 cores kick in when dealing with more intensive computing / gaming needs

  • Bu06nnb

    5 boobed woman

  • Erik719

    5 gold rings?….4 colly birds, 3 French Hens 2 Turtle DovesAnd a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

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