Remember the HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE, or have you been paying too much attention to the Galaxy S III instead? HTC and Verizon announced the Incredible back early last month during CTIA and said it would be available “in the coming weeks,” but that was the last we heard. New rumors today are pointing towards July 5th for the release date.

According to some leaked screenshots obtained by Droid-Life of Verizon’s equipment guide, it shows the D INC will be released on July 5th. Pretty interesting that they pushed the launch date almost 2 months from when first announced. If Verizon would have launched this phone back May or earlier this month it might have had a chance. Now with the Galaxy S III just a few days behind it I have a feeling most will wait for it instead.

Most likely the delay was for them to deploy their new Share Everything data plans, but no one knows for sure except Verizon. Original leaks also confirmed it would launch at a $149 price point but today’s documents show $199. Either Verizon has increased the price or they might be offering a $50 mail in rebate for the phone. At the same price as the Galaxy S III the choice will be an easy one — Samsung. Although if you don’t like a larger screen the Incredible 4G LTE is a great choice. We’ll report back when we know more.

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  • CoDe

    I spoke with a Verizon associate in store yesterday who eluded to this being the launch date. The phone accessories are in stock, but not the actual phone. I brought up that Verizon was holding out on the release until after June 28th to force people off of the unlimited plan that really wanted they phone and the Verizon associate wouldn’t deny it.

    • weak

    • Logan Black

      Only thing that does’t jive with the “waiting until after the 28th” thing, is that I just went in and pre-ordered a Galaxy S III this past weekend. Now that phone for verizon won’t be available until July 9th or 10th, but they allowed me to pre-order the phone and keep my unlimited data plan. So feasibly people could just do that with this phone too, correct?

      • Phil

        The difference may be that Samsung strong-armed all of the carriers to release their SIII’s at the same time, otherwise that phone’s fate may have been DINC-4G’s as well…

    • ben adams

      That’s so strange, because on paper the S3 is a better phone, but you can pre-order it right now and keep unlimited data. I only wanted this one because I have it now and like the size of it.

  • Bio

    Work at big red. Phone actually will not be released to to connectivity, reception issues.

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  • waiting

    I will believe it when I see it or the “official” news from Verizon. I was told by Verizon employees that the 7th, 14th, and 21st were all launch dates as well. So, until then, I’m just going to sit back and wait. No SGIII for me because it’s too darn big and iphones aren’t my thing.

  • Droid dids

    HTC is only getting my business because I hate the size of my Dx, I want a phone with great specs and a 4in or smaller screen. I cant be the only one who hates the size of these phones