If you’ve got an HTC Amaze 4G on T-Mobile, it’s your lucky day: the official update to Ice Cream Sandwich has found its way online. There’s been no word from T-Mobile on when to expect an over-the-air upgrade, but adventurous types can download it from this XDA thread right now. The official ROM was posted by XDA user Football, without context or information. Go get it now – Who said Mondays have to suck?

The update is a whopping 486 megabytes, but that’s not so shocking considering that HTC’s official ROMs have been getting more and more huge with additions to basic features and Sense. Speaking of Sense, the version included in this update is 3.6, not 4.0 like the new One series phones. We don’t have an Amaze 4G handy to test, but that’s the way it’s been with the HTC Rezound leak and the Vivid update.

Those of you who are rooted and have a stock recovery know what to do – and those of you  who aren’t can still join in the fun. Since this is an official ROM (even though it’s been apprehended by less than official sources) you can just load it onto the root of your SD card and apply the update in stock recovery. Check the XDA thread for more precise instructions. There just one bummer: flashing the stock Ice Cream Sandwich ROM loses your root access. But no worries – the XDA folks have already found and supplied a new method. If you’re already rooted, remember to make a Nandroid backup first!

[device id=1659]

[via Android Police]

  • Nelson1345

     will this void warranty

    •  rooting and changing bootloader will

      • Nelson1345

        So if I install it from the bootloader it won’t void my warranty?

      • Hazelatino

        No it won’t flash away

      • thesoleless

        No, that’s wrong. If you have T-Mobile, you can flash from the bootloader without root. In fact, you have to relock the bootloader to flash from the bootloader. Download the ICS leak and copy it to the root directory of the SD card as “PCIMG85.ZIP”. Pull the battery out of the phone. Reinsert it, and turn it on while holding the volume down button to enter the bootloader. Select the bootloader and it should parse the PCIMG85.ZIP for a few minutes, then give you the option to install it. Do it IF YOU DARE. 


  • guest

    I am feeling like an idiot right now on how to install this. Can someone please share a link on how I as the end user can install this to my non-rooted phone? I don’t want to void the warranty. Thank you!

  • PhukJuu

    wait what so do amaze gets the ics 4.0 update  or its just another “rom”? 

    • Alex Dunlop

      This is the official RUU (HTC’s upgrade package) leaked from HTC.  The upgrade includes Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6.

  • Specs are wrong HTC Amaze does have NFC.

  • jjsloco

     how to install this

  • Jason

    I know I sound really dumb asking this, but I want to make sure.. I have a Telus HTC Amaze. Would this update affect anything, or am I better off waiting for the Telus version?

  • it has nfc and does work well i might add the only app that crashes on the phone from time to time is ubertwitter