IT’s that time again, TouchPad owners: break out the recoveries and clear your download queue. The CyanogenMod 9 developers have posted the latest build of Ice cream Sandwich for the HP TouchPad, this time getting it to the lofty heights of Alpha 1. There’s not a whole lot of differences between this and Alpha .6 a few weeks ago, but the addition of hardware-decoded video should be enough to get you excited. Power users, you know the drill: download the ROM from here, make a nandroid backup and flash. Hop to it.

The expanded video support is great for YouTube and local videos… and not much else. Reportedly Netflix isn’t working, which probably means that other video services like Hulu Plus and HBO Go are a wash as well. Other changes include slightly better touch responsiveness, plus some rendering enhancements using the hardware’s 2D graphics core. Other than that, you’ve still got all the good and bad of a ROM made for hardware that was never meant for it, most noticeably the camera, which still doesn’t work.

That said, the Ice Cream Sandwich build is getting closer and closer to daily driver status. Most of the little kinks have been worked out at this point, and remember that the build still allows you to reboot into the standard WebOS for some Palm nostalgia. Since HP gave the CyanogenMod team the code to their in-house Android kernel, the bugs left un the build should be getting fixed at an accelerated pace very soon. Oh, and the next release ought to have that nifty new boot animation, too…

  • Stonuzi

    alpha 2 providing netflix support is already available…

    • John

      Are you from the future?

      • Ricardosanjur

        Jhon Titor is back guys!

  • Emil

    he’s probably thinking 2.3.7

  • Patient and Waiting

    Yeah, please share your wisdom Stonuzi…

  • Danknapp76
  • R_k_perkins

    I’ve heard that you can’t use the keyboard when in android boot and that the wifi doesn’t work well in android either.  Is that the truth? I want to buy a touchpad and have both systems – but I need the keyboard and wifi in android or the touch pad won’t work for me.

  • Ger

    Just put on Alpha build 2 last night and watched a few segments of a few movies streamed from Netflix! It’s true.. Netflix works. 2/23 7:40am.

  • Anonymous

    Screw Apple! This here is what I call MAGICAL!!

  • Montye Fuse

    I can’t get the video to work on or youtube videos.  Any help out there?