After waiting for a few months, its finally here. HP's SlateBook x2 has appeared early in the company's US sales website. The SlateBook x2 is HP's entry into the Android convertible market that is currently dominated by ASUS.

Although listed as a "PC" with the model name HP SlateBook 10-h010nr x2 PC, the tablet is definitely an Android device. Running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the SlateBook x2 is packaged with a decent set of specifications. It is powered by Nvidia's latest Tegra 4 quad-core processor, a 16 GB SSD drive, and 2 GB of RAM. It also has a 1920x1200 resolution packed in a 10.1 inch display, giving it a rather impressive pixel density.

The SlateBook x2's special feature, however, is a keyboard dock that magnetically attaches to the tablet, giving a full laptop-like experience. The keyboard also houses an additional battery that gives the device an extra dose of life for prolonged usage. This puts the SlateBook x2 head-to-head with ASUS' Transformer line. Based on our hands-on test, the device is indeed quite competitive.

The SlateBook x2 was rumored to hit European markets this month, with a US release seen in late August. It seems that the US market is bound to get an early treat with this $479 convertible. The device is also set to launch in Japan on Monday.


  • CommentatusMaximus

    16 GB is too small and no option to upgrade. Deal killer to me. Interesting that it’s an SSD and not eMMC, should be faster…but still too small.

    • Andrew Flinders

      Using cloud and external drives, I don’t get anywhere close to my 32Gig of storage space on my Asus transformer. Don’t you feel that it’s quite dangerous carrying so much data with you on a mobile machine? Unless, you need to upload media files to your device on the fly.

      • CommentatusMaximus

        I have a GS4 with 32 GB minus Samsung junk and that’s roughly 23 GB. I already have around 18 GB installed with all of my media on the external 64 GB SD card. Previously I had a Galaxy Nexus that only had 16 GB and I constantly hit the limit, had to keep moving things around which is annoying. So at least in my experience, 16 GB is not nearly enough. I also travel a lot internationally, I can’t rely on the cloud for everything.

      • smithj33

        Agreed. 32GB internal is the minimum for any device I have bought.

    • Bobert1000

      This has microsd

      • CommentatusMaximus

        You can’t (easily) put apps on the SD cards. I already keep all my non-protected media on the SD card. Note that means protected content still needs to go on the internal memory.

    • Anders CT

      It comes with either 16, 32 or 64 Gb. It also has SD card support

      • CommentatusMaximus

        The HP website only shows 16 GB and when I tried to order it there were no additional options to increase that. It’s the rumored 64 GB model that I want to buy. I can deal with the other issues (screen resolution, first gen product, build materials) but not lack of storage space.

      • guud

        I received the 32GB version today. So yeah, there is one 🙂

      • CommentatusMaximus

        Oh? Then I’m still interested! How do you like it? How does it compare to the Asus Transformer series?

      • Anfronie

        HP is selling them in 32 and 64 GB versions around the world but not for the makes no sense.

      • Anfronie

        Did you buy it in the US? Because HP currently only has the 16GB version on their website…they need to release the larger ones in the US if they want to stay competitive