The Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has sold very well for the company with a over a million units sold in Korea alone since it launched. The smartphone is certainly popular and a new hack has surfaced that will make the SII record even better video that it is capable of from the factory. The hack comes by way of modder hyperX and adds some notable features to the mix. Those features include 24 Mbit/s 1080p 30fps recording with 44.1khz 192-bit audio.

Right out of the box the Galaxy S II is capable of recording 16Mbit/s 1080p HD in MP4 format with the H.264 codec using AAC mono audio. The new hack adds significantly to the capabilities of the onboard camera and is a very nice addition to the device. The hack still records mono sound because the SII has only one mic onboard making stereo sound impossible.

Now that Galaxy S II owners are excited about the video cam mod the bad news lands. The mod is not quite ready for public consumption just yet. Apparently, hyperX needs to polish it up a bit before offering to geeks everywhere. We will have to wait and see when the hack comes to the public.

[via SlashGear]

  • Anonymous

    So the little hole at the top of the phone does what? It has two mics, the normal voice one to the right of the microUSB socket, and one for speaker-phone use up the top next to the 3.5mm socket. Maybe these aren’t accessibly to software independently, but they are surely separate devices.

    Whilst I’m here …. 192-bit audio? That’s…. rather high.

    • I wanted to say this myself! I’ve had the phone two days, and already noticed the extra hole at the top, and figured this was another mic. I also then began to think… hmmm this must be for stereo sound whilst recording movies. It would make sense with them being at either side especially when shooting landscape.

      It’s seems perceived to me that the android system pretty much allows full access to developers to access most if not all hardware features, so would I be wrong in thinking that both mics could possibly be used at once… can’t imagine two-track sound shouldn’t be a problem alongside the video, but I could have gotten things oh so terribly wrong about the capabilities of this device. There’s nothing wrong with recording on another device and sound clapping or syncing up the sound with plural eyes anyway is there? Obviously that’s a little OTT if you just want some rough video recordings in super high quality, but if you’re going to the trouble of hacking to get the additional quality well… why not?

  • Sum1

    As an ex i8910 Owner, I can say that HyperX is good at sticking to his promises (and just incase your wondering HyperX used to develop exclusively for the i8910 )

  • Anonymous

    Lol. Dont you know that there is hack on the optimus 2x that allows you to record 30mbps and 60mbps. At 30fps. Haha. Head over !@xda cm7camera hack

  • MAJOR FLAW! Don’t get too excited… I purchased the Samsung Galaxy SII and returned it.

    Why? It is a great phone, but the video does not allow you to plug in an external microphone. The voice recorder allows for an external mic, but video recording uses internal mic by default (unlike iPhone). So I guess maybe I will get an iphone.

  • “Just a quick note: The SGS2 records single channel AAC at 60 Kbps. It’s not a stereo recording and the 2nd mic on the SGS2 is purely for ‘audience’ (noise cancellation).”

    This is something I picked up from comment somewhere… I guess it makes sense that there is only 1 usable mic. I would never really expect to get good audio from a phone… although it would be nice if technology would permit in future… There’s always the option to record sound separately.