So Google Wallet has never officially been available for Verizon, on any smartphone. However for months now users have been able to side-load Google’s awesome Wallet app for mobile NFC payments using the web store, or installing a custom ROM. Today however it appears that Google’s pulled the backend plug.

I actually used Google Wallet on my Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus just last night without issue. This morning though, we are now greeted with the image you see above. Launching Wallet you’ll be greeted with the sad news that the app isn’t supported with this current version, then directs you to the Play Store where nothing is available. Maybe an update is coming with Verizon support? Yea, we highly doubt that.

Apparently the current “version” is no longer supported, but that is the only version available. Sadly it looks like either Verizon, Google, or both have managed to find away to kill off this awesome feature for everyone. Just yesterday Google announced their Wallet service has doubled in usage (in just one month) since allowing all major credit cards access. With them removing devices access like they’ve just done here we don’t see those numbers continuing to climb.

Most likely the awesome developer community will quickly and easily find another way around this situation, but for now we’ll be stuck without Google Wallet — or just install an older APK. For those that have been unofficially enjoying Google Wallet, let us know if you are seeing the same prompt.

Update: It appears that many users (us included) have successfully restored to an older version and things are working again. Google Wallet version 1.5-R79-V5 works fine here — while v6 gave the error shown above. Give it a try folks!

— Thanks to all who sent this in!

  • Seg

    Yep went to buy a soda and oh… great now I have no way to pay for it.

  • i wonder if you can just edit the build.prop to set it to just think its the GSM know the one that’s supported?

  • CLOS

    This blows… FU VZW!!! Off I go to find the fix…Can’t keep us down.

  • Hunter Knepshield

    See droidlife article about the same thing; there are already 4 different mirror downloads for the .apk there xD

  • Joe K

    I’m not experiencing this at all. I just used my Verizon GNex this morning to buy coffee. I just launched the app now with no problems.

  • BJ Beier

    This is one of those things that really PISSES me off about Google and Verizon. I literally used this app last night around 8:30 and had no issues. After reading this article, I pulled up the app and WTF! What is so “unsupported” about the VZW GNex? Not to mention the fact that the GNex is one of very few phones with NFC. These are the reasons I want to strangle people!

    • Guest

      Still works fine after updated. Relax.

  • Greg Bissell

    Works fine for me on my AOKP ROM on my Verizon Gnex

  • Joe K

    I should have mentioned: I’m running the latest version with no issues: 1.5-R7v5. At least this is the latest version shown in the Play Store.

    • Greg Bissell

      That isnt the latest version. Latest is: 1.5-R9v5

      • Joe K

        Actually I mistyped. It’s 1.5-R79v5. But that’s the latest listed on Google Play and the version I’m running. And I’m stock — just rooted.

      • Actually no. The latest version I “had” and pushed from the Web Play Store was R79-v6 and that is what stopped working for me. I’ve restored v5 and seems to be working.

  • I love my andriod phone but carriers have too much control over the devices. That’s why I might get an iPhone 5 yea its IOS boring…… but the carries don’t put bloatware or control that phones updates and other shit like they do on andriods.

    • Make an effort, you can easily find at least one Android (just like the one/single iOS brand model) that does not have carrier bloatware. There’s a lot of them out of the hundreds (incl. international) models/brand that use Android. Or just root your phone. (I have an HTC Desire Z from T-Mobile USA with no Tmo bloatware; I know, it’s not a new model but there are recent models with no bloatware.)

    • Ward Anderson

      Do it. Bye! Was fun having you. Don’t come back to Android either. I’m too lazy t type a huge rant so I’ll just say: It’s been real. Deuces bro.

  • Zachary Morris

    This is ridiculous. Verizon has time to pull the plug on our Google Wallet access but not time to update our devices OTA? So they want people to use their ISIS payment system… I really don’t taking Google Wallet from people that put the effort in to get it is gonna make them want to use your payment system Verizon…

    Anyways, that’s my rant… I am rooted, running Bugless Beast, how do I get Wallet back?


    Google Wallet version 1.5-R79-V5 doesn’t work on JB gnex – Contact –
    855-896-0693 – – for a refund of all funds, including Promotional $10

  • Caleb King

    I have the workaround for wallet on verizon Nexus! Edit build.prop where it says toro to toroplus and flash the file that he gives the link to!

  • Caleb King

    I have the workaround for wallet on verizon Nexus! Edit build.prop where it says toro to toroplus and flash the file that he gives the link to!